Why Trump – Now More Than Ever

Posted by admin in January 28th, 2020
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Right before Christmas, when Christians should’ve been focusing on Jesus’ birth and wholeheartedly celebrating, a well-known “Christian” magazine published a scathing editorial on President Donald Trump. The writer demanded Trump’s removal from office (based on the false accusations about Ukraine). But the article didn’t just criticize Trump, it went on to say that evangelicals who voted for Trump are guilty of, “gross immorality and ethical incompetence.” The writer further generalizes, in an interview, “Evangelicals who voted for Trump are ‘ethically naive'” and then, “there seems to be widespread ignorance” among Christians who support Trump. Really? You know all of us? You’ve sat down with every evangelical who voted for Trump and you heard their reasoning for their vote? Hmmm, I missed that call.

The next month, that same magazine, published an opinion piece that Christians who support Trump are statists–in other words, we advocate a political system over our faith in God; politics are more important to us than Jesus’ teachings. But I like the way my husband Daryl put it, “I believe that love for God and love for country are not mutually exclusive, any more than love for God and love for family are. Loving God should make you a good citizen and being a good citizen means you love your country.” And you vote for who you believe will help your country, not harm it.

Recently, I was charged by a brother in Christ with not being able to think. It was because I voted for Trump. In the case of my friend, as well as the editor, people who disagree with you sometimes say harsh things. And I have discovered that once in a while, people who cannot articulate a clear opposing argument, revert to name-calling. It’s an ad hominem fallacy.

Maybe I don’t think very well, but I at least try to contemplate, pray over, and wrestle with ideas and current issues. I voted in my first EVER election in 2016. For someone who always believed her vote did NOT count, it was a giant step. I originally registered because I was voting for Ted Cruz. But he didn’t win the Republican nomination and suddenly I was faced with a HUGE dilemma. I admit. I confess. I was a #NEVERTRUMPER. And then the Democrats nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton. I had two choices: not to vote (which could have become a vote for HRC) or to vote for Trump. I wrestled with it; I prayed about it; there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. However, the tables turned for me after a long conversation with my son-in-law. Kevin said, “You’re not voting for Trump as your pastor; he is not your spiritual leader. He would be your president and in this day and time, we need someone who can stand strong for the US against abortion, illegal immigration, terrorism, and strengthen our economy. We need someone who doesn’t fear.”

It was then I took off the #NEVERTRUMP filters and started looking at what Trump had to say about the issues near to my heart. The question then was, “Can he be trusted?” Answer, “Well, certainly more than Hillary.” And with that, I voted for Trump.

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the most hated president of my lifetime – a majority of those who did not vote for him, hate him.

Contrary to the assumptions made by virtue signalling folks like the editor I mention above, or my sincere friend who hates Trump and thinks I should too, a vote for President Trump is not a vote for divorce, or womanizing, or braggart behavior, or bad language, or obsessive tweeting. A vote for Trump does not mean I worship him, am blinded to his faults, or think his grandiose behavior should be emulated. And to assume those things about Trump supporters is not only inaccurate, sorry to say, it’s prejudice (i.e. a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience). So I’m trying here to help Trump supporters make their case, and hopefully, help those who oppose him to understand why I don’t.

It’s a big deal for me, because the first time I voted for Trump, it was with fear and trepidation. This next election (2020) I’ll vote for Trump with confidence and joy.

Here’s why I support Donald J. Trump:

  1. Pro-life. There has never been a president who was more pro-life than Trump. He is the first president of the USA to ever speak at DC’s March for Life. His speech was magnificent and in my opinion, the most important speech he has ever given. For critics who say, “Pro-life isn’t worth the trade off,” they are simply wrong. Pro-life is always the most important issue and the “rightest” side of things.
  2. Immigration Reform. If you’ve ever read my blog, you know where I stand on illegals and unvetted refugees. If not, please read, Everything is there – stats, evidence, and true stories of how improperly handled immigration is destructive to our nation.
  3. Foreign Policy. I lived/worked in China for two decades. I did my PhD research there and I will say without reservation, China hates America and plans its demise. I actually sat through a speech contest for English students. The topic? “China Will Destroy the USA.” (I’ve got the speeches as evidence). So, with that said, I thank God Trump is in the White House as he is the only candidate who has the strength and the fortitude to stand against China.
  4. NATO.  NATO is stronger than ever under President Trump, and allies are beginning to contribute more than they ever did under previous Administrations. NATO was never meant to be a solely-US supported endeavor. And Trump’s strength has been to bring NATO  into a healthier economic and participant-supported alliance.
  5. Foreign Trade Deals. Trump’s North American trade deal is historic and a win/win/win all around and his hard business sense gave us the first trade agreement with China that doesn’t have us kowtowing to their every wish and whim.
  6. The Economy. Because of Trump, we have the lowest unemployment rate in history and that goes for blacks and Hispanics too. Because the Trump administration has lifted many of the regulations that restricted the growth of business, we now have the “Trump economy” which has surpassed all the predictions of what was possible in the growth of the US GNP.
  7. Iran. He pulled out of Obama’s bad nuclear agreement with Iran, thus putting more pressure on this dictatorial regime. He also took out Qasem Soleimani – not only our enemy, but a brutal killer of his own people. Instead of giving Iran pallets of cash undercover of darkness, Trump has enforced and strengthen sanctions against Iran to stop nuclear arms’ development and attacks against our allies.
  8. Paris Climate Agreement. He pulled the US out of the costly and unrealistic Paris Climate Agreement, which was mostly going to be paid for by the US and which would have had little or no impact on the climate. Plus, it targets the wrong culprits, so pulling out of that false agreement was right for America both financially and politically.
  9. Supporting The Family. Trump has passed the greatest advocate policies in the history of our nation! His policies support working families, including making childcare more affordable/accessible. Thanks to President Trump, lower income families especially are benefiting.
  10. Standing Up for America. Three things under Obama’s presidency that broke my heart and grieved me – 1) Michelle Obama saying that she’d never been proud of her country (a country that provided her with an excellent education, afforded her the opportunity to become a successful lawyer, a country that allowed her to experience the American Dream), 2) President Obama’s speech to Egyptian students, “I’m proud to bring a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country:  Assalaamu alaykum.” So, non-Muslim communities didn’t count? And speaking an Arabic Muslim greeting means the rest of US citizens don’t send peace? And, 3) Obama’s comparison of the Muslim attack of 9/11 to that of the Crusades and Jim Crow Laws, “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades…people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” Sadly, Obama didn’t have his history right. Slavery and Jim Crow Laws were fought against by Christians. It was followers of Christ that led the abolition movement and fought in Congress to get rid of the South’s federally illegal Jim Crow policies. So, yes, it is good to have a leader in the White House who loves our nation and doesn’t feel he has to degrade us to lead us. This is all a part of the #MAGA I embrace.
  11. Benghazi. Don’t need to explain that one, but to quote HRC, “What difference does it make?”
  12. Religious Freedom.Trump has been the most forceful in supporting religious freedom of any president in my lifetime. Under Obama, laws severely restricted religious freedom (everything from cake baking to what bathrooms companies provided) and thank God Trump has reversed every single one of those laws! He has even reinstated prayer in our schools. It was horrific, under Obamacare, Catholic and Protestant hospitals were mandated to violate their convictions against abortion and gender issues, but Trump has lifted those restrictions. In the May 2019 issue of First Things, Jeremy Dys documented the unprecedented work the Trump administration has done in replacing our constitutional right of religious freedom. (see: “Trump and Religious Liberty,”).
  13. Israel. “Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, and whoever curses Israel will be cursed” (Num. 24:9). So grateful Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and he has strengthened our alliance with the only democracy in the Middle East. Biblically astute, yes! But more than that, morally and ethically the right choice to declare to the world, America Stands With Israel! 
  14. Supreme Court Justices. The appointment of two pro-life justices may mean the overturn of  Roe v. Wade. Please Lord!
  15. Eradicating Human Trafficking. Trump has declared that his Administration is committed to leveraging every resource possible to confront human trafficking and to support the victims and survivors; he has vowed to hold traffickers accountable for their heinous crimes. According to my good friend Charlie Lamento, a legislative advocate and attorney who is a member of UNITAR in Geneva, “President Trump has made it a priority to leverage every resource of the government to end the scourge of human trafficking. Our fight has no greater advocate than President Trump.”
  16. Anti-socialism. Trump decried socialism during an address to the United Nations, lambasting it as a “destroyer of societies. ” He said, “One of the most serious challenges our countries face is the specter of socialism. It’s the wrecker of nations and the destroyer of societies.” It is hard to believe that with all the failed socialists systems in our world, it is still a theory being promoted in the US and hailed by Democrats. But it is a serious threat to our nation and having lived under socialism firsthand, I can say it is evil in its design and execution. I hate socialism.
  17. Promises Kept. An opinion piece by Marc Thiessen (thanks Daryl) lists a few of the promises made by Candidate Trump and kept by President Trump:
    • Kept his promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
    • “Crush and destroy” ISIS.
    • Impose a travel ban on countries which are sources of terrorist threats.
    • Punish Syria if they used chemical weapons.
    • Nominate conservative Supreme Court justices and federal appellate court judges.
    • Pass historic tax reforms (80% of Americans had their taxes reduced under Trump’s policy and the majority of them are lower-income earners).
    • Unprecedented rollback of oppressive federal regulations which is saving billions of dollars for struggling industries.
    • Created “Opportunity Zones” to revitalize struggling towns and inner-city communities.
    • Canceled Obama’s flawed “Clean Power Plan”, including the withdrawal from the severely misguided Paris Climate Accord, and approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines–making the US energy independent.
    • Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum and renegotiated NAFTA.
    • Historic increases in defense spending.
    • Brought back manufacturing jobs.
    • And started building the wall to protect the USA from illegals crossing into our nation via our southern borders.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, I hope you pray for him daily as Daryl and I do and as Paul commands us to in the Book of Romans. Paul reminds us that all authority is given by God and oddly, Paul is writing during the rule and reign of Caligula–the worst emperor in Roman history who took his horse into the palace and called him “spouse”.

Those who hate and oppose Trump love referring to his filthy and lewd (secretly recorded) conversation with Billy Bush (nephew to both Presidents Bush) back in 2005. In a rare apology, Trump has said, “I was wrong, and I apologize.” He went on to “pledge to be a better man.” I wish people could forgive him for that and think of Trump’s beautiful pro-life speech, (instead of something he said 15 years ago), “We are here for a very simple reason: to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God-given potential and their right to life.” That says a lot. That is how to #MAGA. Peace.

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53918. Georgiann Manz said,
January 28th, 2020 at 9:19 pm

A very comprehensive summary of the Trump dilemma – or what is a dilemma for some people. Some of us maybe had to hold our noses to make that choice for him in 2016 but we’re sure glad we did! The good things he does he does so very well for all of your mentioned reasons. #MAGA me too.

53920. Jeff Taylor said,
January 29th, 2020 at 9:41 am

Wow. Just discovered this blog. So full of thoughtful wisdom.

One small different perspective in your tremendous article: Regarding Christians who support Trump being statists–in other words, we advocate a political system over our faith in God…I’d argue that I support Trump for the opposite reason. While I’m thankful for my country and the freedoms it affords me, I generally hold government in quasi-contempt…and therefore want to limit it, keep it at bay, and believe that more (generally Godless) government is rarely the answer. For someone with that perspective, a flawed Trump vs. any Democrat (all who are just as morally flawed if not moreso), who believess more gov’t is always the solution to our problems, was a no-brainer. I treasure liberty for myself and others that much!

I must get back to work, but I shall return to pour over the rest of your blog!

53921. Anna Jane said,
January 29th, 2020 at 9:42 am

If I may respectfully say, I strongly dislike Trump; however, I must also say I greatly appreciate your points and I agree with you. You’ve reminded me to look at Trump’s policies and legislation, setting aside my personal opinions about his manner/tone/personality, and really look at his body of work and effort to bring good to our country and its citizens.

53923. LisaBear said,
January 29th, 2020 at 10:26 am

Girl………we’re gonna be great friends someday in glory. Great great piece!

53924. Jim Alling said,
January 29th, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Teri, you are right on with this article. It is the best I have seen on our great president – Yes, I said great! I, too, neither approve nor appreciate some of his language, but, I will take his accomplishments with great joy, more than those of any other president in my lifetime, and we have had a few good ones in my 83 years. I am saddened by the current fiasco of an “impeachment,” and will definitely vote for him for a second term, should he run again. I have no doubt that he loves our country way more than any of the opposition, and he has the will power, love, operational competence and guts to do it. May the good Lord continue to bless and keep both you and Daryl.

53925. Brian Gammill said,
January 29th, 2020 at 8:21 pm

Great thoughts, Teri. Interesting how so many of us went through this process of going from a never Trumper to become a Trump supporter. We must acknowledge that a change agent is a disrupter and has to be able to withstand resistance and our tendency to want to universally approved. Trump seems uniquely suited for the role God has for this season of our nation’s history. I love Mike Pence and would prefer a President to have his character and demeanor, but a person like Mike Pence couldn’t take on the establishment the way Trump has or withstand the backlash from the media, academics, and political elites.

53928. Delbert said,
January 30th, 2020 at 9:54 am

Great review Teri, While I sometimes have to hold my nose while reviewing some of his stupid antics and tweets, he is doing what he promised and is not swayed by the crazies.

54054. gary said,
February 26th, 2020 at 5:46 am

I have to admit I was very disappointed and disheartened by this blog. I believe that a strong counter argument can be made for each one of the talking points. It would take a long time to do and would probably be pointless. However, I would like to ask three questions that I hope get some response.
The writer mentions a “‘Christian’ magazine” article written by the editor of a main stream magazine that strongly editorialized against Trump. It bothers me that he is the editor of a “‘Christian'” magazine. Does this mean that all Christians who have strong moral objections to Pres. Trump are merely “Christians?”
The writer talks about the Evangelical supporters of Trump. This needs to be clarified. The Evangelical supporters are overwhelmingly white. Non white Evangelicals have overwhelmingly rejected the Trump presidency. Overseas, white and non-white Evangelicals look on in horror and puzzlement at the white Evangelical support of Pres. Trump. What is IT that white American Evangelicals get about Trump that other Evangelicals don’t get?
Lastly, do white American Evangelicals still see American as the bright shinning city on the hill that Pres. Ronald Reagan like to talk about?
These are honest questions from a fellow “Christian.”

54055. admin said,
February 26th, 2020 at 7:47 am

Hi Gary! Thanks for reading this and taking the time to comment. The odd thing about America being over 65% white is that every president is voted in by a white majority of voters. Obama too. So that throws the “white nationalist” theory out the door. In fact, if the USA was racist, as the left wants you to believe, then Obama would never have been elected, twice. So there’s that. White majority country mathematically requires a white majority vote. My comment about the editor was that in the editorial he stated rumor and accusations about Trump as if they were fact. Once the impeachment trial began, we discovered that Trump had not threatened the Ukrainian president but had actually supplied all the aid requested w/o a discussion. It was the false accusations that frustrated me and the questioning was not whether or not he is a follower of Christ, I can’t know the human’s heart, but were his practices Christian–in principle and execution? I don’t believe they were. The editor labels Trump supporters as ignorant, unemployed, uneducated and not “elite”–(his words) like him. The racial diversity of Trump supporters can be seen at any Trump rally where thousands of blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are showing up in droves. Kayne West had a lot to do with that. The Christian Korean and Vietnamese support Trump b/c of pro-life and anti-socialism. I just read about the Asians getting behind Trump b/c of their frustration over what has taken place in California. I don’t know where you get your news Gary, especially if you are still living in France. But we still work in Europe and we find there, especially among Christians, a thankfulness for Trump as well as an admiration. And India sure did turn up for him – over 100,000 attended his rally there. So again, every president will have a white majority vote because in the US, whites are still a majority–a shrinking one, but one still. As to a beacon on the hill, well Gary, that my friend is simply in the eyes of the beholder. Blessings.

54114. Barbie said,
March 11th, 2020 at 8:04 am

Thank you Teri! This is a very clear and helpful article. I’ve had several friends literally call me immoral for supporting President Trump. This helps me explain why.

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