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A good friend called me last night and asked, “What is their thinking? What is their purpose? What do they tell themselves?”

She was referring to the leaders of our government, specifically Joe Biden. The ridiculous and foolish way we exited Afghanistan left not only the Afghan people in danger from the Taliban, but more than 1,000 American humanitarian workers were left behind as well.

The Kabul airport is closed down—many parts of it are burning. Americans, and those who helped Americans, are stranded waiting for the Taliban to destroy everyone that helped the US in Afghanistan.

Christians in Afghanistan, house churches, our brothers and sisters in Christ are being hunted down this very day and slaughtered. As I write this, news is getting out of mass killings and kidnappings.

Biden’s response is to vacation and his White House press secretary is AWOL.

So, you can understand my friend’s questions and her confusion about what goes through the minds of people who are responsible for the worst foreign policy failure in the history of the United States.

Let me tell you exactly what I told her, “Evil doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t have to. Its only focus is to kill, steal, and destroy.”

Think about Herod killing all boys under the age of two. Mao Ze Deng and his Red Guard annihilated all of China’s intellectuals -11 million Chinese people died under the evil rule of Mao. That number doubles if you add to it those who died as a result of his insane agricultural and economic policies that left the entire nation in ruins after his death.

Hitler, Stalin, the Khmer Rouge regime (the Communist Party of Kampuchea) and the killing fields of Cambodia, the Taliban—all have this one thing in common: moral insanity, pure evil.

There’s a dark force at work here as the enemy of the human race weaves death and destruction into the lives of men and women hungry for power and reprobate, consumed with darkness and eager to destroy everything light, and beautiful, true and good.

Abortion is not only legal in our nation, but celebrated! Then there’s the legalization of sex with children in states like Nevada where the average sex worker is 14 years old and our government knows all about it!

We have transgenderism pushed down our throats as facts, Critical Race Theory taught as truth, and even the US Olympic committee allowing men to compete in women’s sports and we wonder that our government can’t make a single good or correct decision.

IT’S CALLED MORAL BANKRUPTCY and our nation is in the worst moral collapse of our history.

In June the State Department ordered the US Embassy in Kabul to fly the Gay Pride flag over the compound – THAT was their priority! THAT’s where our government’s focus was.

When a nation has celebrated every kind of sin and debauchery, not only legalizes abortion, but actually celebrates it, celebrates same-sex marriage, multi-sex partnerships, critical race theory, Marxism, lies and the rewriting of history – we should not be surprised when this government makes hideous and evil decisions. They are just acting according to their character and their policy of death and destruction.

And the Church was complacent during the forming of these policies and the theft of these elections. We just said, “Well, as long as they leave us alone; as long as we are at peace; as long as we have our tax-exempt status – who cares?”

Sorry to say folks, it’s time to pay the piper.

Christians for too long have looked the other way, winked at sin, rationalized filth, participated in order to look tolerant, embraced falsehoods, celebrated immoral sports heroes, supported Hollywood, and every kind of indecency. “It doesn’t affect me. It’s just some harmless fun. What does it matter?” We’ve been lulled into compliance. We are no longer Truth Bearers. We have lost our way.

Biden stole an election and we all know it and we sat around and did nothing to hold our government or our leaders accountable. We yawned as mask mandates outlived their usefulness, transgender youth took over sports and CRT took over our school curriculum. We lazily turned our heads the other way and said, “What can I do?”

THIS is what evil looks like. THIS is how nations are destroyed. THIS is how Constantinople fell after 1,000 years of being the center of Christianity and now it is a Muslim capital where churches have been converted into mosques. How did that happen? The complacency of Christians who cared more about trade with the Ottomans, than Christ. The Plague hit, destroying the army, and a morally weak government couldn’t stand against the invasion. Sound familiar?

Edmond Burke’s famous statement cannot be repeated enough, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

We are reaping the consequences of far too long of doing nothing.

And Kabul burns and Joe Biden vacations and the White House continues with its path of death to and destruction of everything we’ve known about decency and truth.

It’s time to take a stand Church. It’s time for Believers around the globe to fast, pray, seek God and weep. Help us Lord, we are weak and worldly – we need YOU and an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit. Please help Your Church to stand and to declare Your Glory. Jesus help us. We have no other hope, but in You!




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59231. M D Acuff said,
August 17th, 2021 at 5:58 pm

This article is vital information that our sleepy society may not receive or even want to receive. I believe that more people need to see this article in order to understand the seriousness of this fiasco and how it is going to impact our country. Please advise what extent I can participate in republishing this article. Your insight is a valuable resource for the pastors, musicians and lay people that are regular contacts.

59239. admin said,
August 17th, 2021 at 7:42 pm

Debbie – do anything you feel led to do. It’s yours to distribute as you want. Thanks for always encouraging me. Feel free to include my email address as you pass it on – in case anyone wants to contact me directly or needs me to cite resources. Bless you sister. I’m grateful.

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