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Okay guys! Please forgive me in advance for using the blog for a newsletter. Daryl was in the hospital for five days! He’s never been in the hospital in his life! (Yes, birth, but that’s all). We’ve lost two weeks of prep time getting him well. He still has a little infection and is on a heavy-duty antibiotic. We need your prayers. Our VISAs came. Praise God. We’re getting packed. Praise God. IICS has hired a new EVP. Praise God. But I have 13,000 readers on this blog and I need to let folks know the details of our transition and what it all will look like. I hope you’ll forgive me! I will keep blogging while we’re overseas. Blessings and thanks. We need your prayers! Teri

Dear Family and Friends:

The McCarthys are moving to Klaipeda, Lithuania, on August 26! After years of recruiting and deploying Christian professors to teach in universities abroad, we finally get to go! And we are very excited.

This summer Teri taught a class at Lithuania International University (formerly Lithuania Christian College, ) and she fell in love with the place. When the university offered her a fulltime position as the English Department Chair she accepted. And so the adventure begins. We will live on campus until we find an apartment. We’ll come home Christmas and for the summer. We truly believe this is God’s leading and His will for our lives. We have overwhelming peace and joy about the move.

Daryl will continue to lead the International Institute for Christian Studies (IICS) through Skype and conference calls, daily emails and trips to the US every six to eight weeks. IICS has a great home office staff and everyone does their jobs with excellence. Daryl will also work on contacts in Europe—donors as well as Christian academics. We think an IICS Europe would be amazing.

Lithuania is one of the Baltic States (part of the Soviet Union until 1990). In 2004, it joined the European Union and NATO. Lithuania has 3.7 million people and Klaipeda, our city, has a population of 187,000. One of its claims to fame is that it was the last nation in Europe to be converted. Some Lithuanians are proud that their ancestors held out against Christianity. However, Christianity did eventually take hold in Lithuania and was a presence there for centuries. But the years under communism and Soviet occupation left a widespread legacy of atheism, agnosticism and hopelessness.

It’s hard to believe that Lithuania has the highest suicide rate in the world. Thirty Lithuanians take their own lives each week! That’s an epidemic. So while the country is modern and developed, the need is great for the Good News found only in Jesus Christ. Please pray that Jesus’ light and love will shine through our lives and that we can be a fragrance of His truth to those seeking hope and healing.

Why are we going overseas at this stage in our lives? For Teri nearing 50 was a strange experience. People talk about milestone birthdays—there’s the “Big 3-0” and “over-the-hill 50.” But for Teri the milestone birthday was 48. She realized then she had a limited amount of time left on earth. Think about it! It’s not really middle aged. How many 96 year-old people do you know?

Reflecting on that, she felt an urgency to really make life count. She wanted the time left to be well-lived and eternally significant. So at 48, she sat Daryl down and said, “I gotta be teaching overseas.” He hesitated. For over 20 years Daryl’s been running IICS, mobilizing academic missionaries to teach overseas in secular universities. In fact, all of our married life has been centered on the missional call of IICS. You can imagine his dilemma—he runs the ministry; he’s one of its founders. Daryl paused, took a deep breath and with tears he said, “This is your decade Teri!”

Teri started applying for teaching positions around the world. Then unexpectedly an ankle broke, a gall bladder got taken out and two years had come and gone before we knew it. For Teri’s 50th birthday last year we went to Lithuania. We had been there once and she had a strong attraction to the country. While in Klaipeda that year, we met LCCIU’s vice president, who invited Teri to teach in the school’s newly launched MA in TESOL program. She jumped at the chance and went to Klaipeda this June.

Teri’s first day on campus she met professors and caught glimpses of students and she liked it. When it was time to teach her class she was prepared. She had lecture notes, a PowerPoint, handouts. She put everything in her bag and walked over to the main building to find her classroom. It was early. Students hadn’t arrived yet. She put a quote on the board, rearranged the desks and she started coming alive. “Is this how Lazarus felt?” she wondered. Was his coming back to life a tingling sensation in his limbs and a fire in his belly? She knew these waters; they were familiar to her. Students began coming in and it was time to start class. Teri was finally home!

Each one of us was designed for a specific purpose and plan. God loves us. He longs to work through our lives to touch a hurt and dying world. Standing in that classroom watching students grasp difficult concepts and interact with ideas Teri knew this was what she was created for. She was created to teach in a distant classroom.

We’ll celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary the day we arrive in Klaipeda. What a wonderful way to celebrate. We’re happy and scared; nervous and excited; clear and foggy—all at the same time! We have no idea how all the details will work out! Can we afford it? No, not really. But we can’t afford NOT to go. Do we need to sell our house? Yes. But right now it needs some paint and the market is lousy. Do we have kids and grandkids and parents and family and friends we dearly love and will sorely miss? Absolutely. Do we have stuff and cars and an organization to run? Yes. But we both know this is what God is leading us to do. And we’ve never been happier.

We need your prayers. We long to see God move by His Spirit among the people of Klaipeda. Please ask God to give us wisdom concerning all these details. But most importantly, please ask God that we might be found faithful. We’re going and it is a huge step of faith for us.

And yes, you guessed it! We need your support. Although the university is paying Teri a partial salary, we have to raise funds. We need to cover all the mundane expenses like housing, utilities, health insurance, books and supplies. We need to raise around $30,000.

Since Daryl is still responsible for raising the general operating budget for IICS, naturally we don’t want anyone to cut back on supporting IICS’s general fund or any IICS professor. But we would be honored if you could support us in our work in Lithuania as we go to reach students for Christ.

You can give several different ways.
• Send a check to “IICS” (write “Teri McCarthy Project” on it). The mailing address is below.
• Give on-line at and indicate the amount of your gift or pledge beside our name.
• Call IICS at 1-800-776-4427 and give by credit card.
• Designate a certain amount to be withdrawn from your account each month or quarter. You can print off the form at our website,

We need your prayers as we transition into this new stage of life. Please pray for health and strength and the anointing for us. Please pray for our students, fellow faculty members and the nation of Lithuania. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, just call us or email us. We’d love to visit.

Going in His Name and in His Joy,

Daryl and Teri McCarthy; 913.980.4427; 913.486.0954; Skype: teri.mccarthy

International Institute for Christian Studies (IICS)
PO Box 12147
Overland Park, KS 66282 USA

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437. sandra tullier said,
August 13th, 2010 at 8:44 am

i’m so happy for you both and know His light is going to penetrate that city through you both! I’m crying and so excited for you all; a while back pierre and i were talking about what did we want to do with the remaining years here on earth and then God had other plans for pierre! we will see what He does with me.

keep in touch with your wonderful blablablog — love it!! get ready Lithuania – they’re comin’! blessing up blessing to you. Sandra

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