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The #BLM Myths and Truth About Racism in America by Dr. Daryl McCarthy | terimccarthyblahblahblog

The #BLM Myths and Truth About Racism in America by Dr. Daryl McCarthy

Posted by admin in June 27th, 2020
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I know my friends and family members who rushed to endorse #blacklivesmatter and #blackouttuesday meant well. I think it’s perhaps their way of saying “We’re white, but we’re not racists.” But I have to ask them to please reconsider what they are actually endorsing. When it comes to #BLM and that entire movement, we must consider two very important things:
1). #blacklivesmatter is hypocritical; and more importantly, 2). #blacklivesmatter is actually a new radically insidious form of racism.
Let me explain.
First, #blacklivesmatter is hypocritical and is not really concerned about black lives at all. Here is how we know this:
• If #blacklivesmatter (BLM) really cared about Black lives, they would be protesting the thousands of murders of Black citizens each year by other Blacks. The leading cause of death among Black men in their 20s is assault by other African-Americans.
• If #blacklivesmatter really cared about Black lives, they would be crying out against the thousands of Black babies who are killed each year through abortion-on-demand. More Black babies are aborted per capita than any other racial group. (Remember, one of the primary goals of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, was to control the Black population’s numbers, because in her words, Blacks were “the population least intelligent and fit.”) This is why most all the early Civil Rights leaders, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, and Jesse Jackson, were united in their stand against abortion, calling it “genocide” and comparing it to slavery. Unfortunately, after the tragic murder of Martin Luther King, Jackson changed his position to garner favor with the Democrat Party. But Abernathy preached against abortion until his death.
• If #blacklivesmatter really cared about Black lives, they would want better police protection for their neighborhoods and their children, not less. Shockingly, one of the primary goals of #BLM is “national defunding of police” – their words, not mine.
• If #blacklivesmatter really cared about Black lives, they would not sanction the wanton destruction of Black businesses and the killing of Black business owners through the rampage of looting and destruction which resulted in stopping bus services and reduced many Black neighborhoods to a bare, survival state. Such destruction is contrary to everything Martin Luther King stood for. When he received the Nobel Peace Prize, he said, “Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts.”
• If #blacklivesmatter really cared about Black lives, they would protest the reckless and deliberate killing of so many Black police officers each year by Black criminals.
Secondly, I ask you to consider this: I believe #blacklivesmatter is simply a new form of racism and informed African-Americans agree. It is insidious because it hides under a cover of being against racism and that’s why it is so deceptive.
To White evangelicals, it seems so virtuous to endorse #blacklivesmatter. But by endorsing this movement, you are endorsing a far-left group with a militant and very liberal political agenda. They are self-proclaimed Marxist.
Also, #BLM is very clear about its agenda – fight “economic injustice” (code for  socialism and take money from people who work and give it to those who don’t), defend LGBTQIA+ rights (code for make everyone who opposes the LGBTQ movement appear intolerant and racist), and “voter rights and suppression” (code for make sure Blacks can vote without ID). All of this is from their website www.blacklivesmatter.com. I strongly urge you to take a look at their website and read their ideology and purpose statement. Also, note the number of times they use the word, “comrade.” Language matters.
Nowhere on their website is there any mention of racial reconciliation or improving race relations. So, if you think by endorsing #BLM you’re showing your support for better race relations, you wrong. That is not their goal and they make no pretense that it is.
Let me explain why I think #blacklivesmatter is a subtle form of racism. Here is the core of the #BLM message—in my words: “Because the ancestors of many African-Americans were brought to America and held as slaves and because of Jim Crow Laws and segregation which were practiced in the South for decades, and because there have been cases of police brutality and injustice over the years, Blacks are excused if they want to loot, steal, riot, break the law, kill, and commit other crimes both against fellow Blacks and other races as well.”
At its root, the #BLM premise is a serious diminution of Blacks. #BLM is basically saying, “Most Blacks are incapable of obeying the law, keeping a job, or getting voter ID, like everyone else is expected to do.”
I remember years ago when I heard the famous Black Christian leader John Perkins describe the welfare system of the Democrat Party as the new version of the “White man’s plantation”—just another way to keep the Black man down and totally dependent.
The same could be said about #blacklivesmatter. Considering someone of another race as less capable of good, lawful, and virtuous activity simply because they are of that race, is racism pure and simple—even if it is said by members of that race themselves. But that is the underlying principle of the #BLM message.
And it simply is not true. You know it isn’t true. Think about your fellow workers, members of your church, or your neighbors who are Black. You know the #BLM narrative is false. But that’s where we are today. #BLM does not give any credit to the overwhelming majority of African-Americans—several of whom are my neighbors and friends, who are good citizens, raising their families, obeying the law, working hard, paying their taxes, definitely not looting, stealing, or killing, but they are wonderfully serving their communities, pledging allegiance to the American flag, serving in the military, protecting their communities as police officers, going to church, and worshiping God.
So please, reconsider jumping on the racist bandwagon of #blacklivesmatter and #blackouttuesday. Please think again. Truth matters. Facts matter. That’s why millions of African-Americans stoutly oppose the #BLM movement, including leading scholars such as my heroes Thomas Sowell (Hoover Institution at Stanford) and Walter E. Williams (professor of economics at George Mason University), along with many other Black leaders, including former Civil Rights leader Bob Woodson who flatly denies that there is “systemic racism” in America, the one and only articulate Candace Owens, and the brilliant theologian Dr. Voddie Baucham.
Please don’t fall for the #BLM lie. Facts matter and the facts do not support the lies of the #BLM movement. Truth matters, but #blacklivesmatter doesn’t really care about the truth. Listen to other Black voices—serious, reflective, honest voices and you will quickly see the difference.
This message was preached on June 28, 2020, at Summit Springs Church, Blue Springs, MO.

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54613. Carol Howell said,
June 28th, 2020 at 11:01 am

We are very grateful for this email. Thank you for saying this so articulately.

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