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Stephen King or the KING of Kings? How Russell Moore Has Failed The Church Once Again | terimccarthyblahblahblog

Stephen King or the KING of Kings? How Russell Moore Has Failed The Church Once Again

Posted by admin in April 29th, 2020
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I like Twitter. I don’t post much on Twitter, but I do use it for a news source. A few days ago, one of my acquaintances on Twitter posted the latest from Russell Moore on my timeline with the question, “Have you seen this?” I hadn’t because I don’t follow Russell Moore on Twitter.

You remember Russell Moore, right? He’s the head of the ERLC, the Southern Baptist’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. This is an organization started by Southern Baptists to protect religious freedom back in the 1940s. Today it has morphed into a left-wing, anti-Trump, all-things-social-justice propaganda machine. I blame Russell Moore for the really big changes, but it’s all the powers that be that stand complacently by and watch a good thing go terribly wrong.

I’ll admit, I’ve done more than my fair share of complaining about Russell Moore. I’ve done podcasts and blogs describing and listing his extreme anti-biblical speeches and op-eds. After three years of Southern Baptist membership, my husband Daryl and I had to leave the denomination because we just couldn’t justify SBC’s required 3% giving from each member church. I couldn’t continue in good conscience to give a single dime to support the ERLC or JD Greear, SBC’s president. So, we left and I’ve tried to put all things SBC behind me.

But then my Twitter pal posted Russell Moore’s most recent TWEET on my timeline and my head almost exploded.

Let me go back a bit – since quarantine I have asked God to give me creative and meaningful ways to reach out to my community and friends and encourage folks that God is good and that we must, literally, turn our eyes to Jesus.

I started a prayer post on my Nextdoor app with over 300 people responding asking for prayer and promising to join in and pray too! It’s been a wonderful experience to connect with my neighbors and to intercede on their behalf—a privilege really.

Right after quarantine was announced, I woke up one morning with a burning desire to start an online Bible study via Facebook Live. I posted an announcement and the first Bible study, the Book of Ruth, had over 70 women from around the world join in. The second study, on Four Minor Prophets, we had over 100 members. It’s been incredible to hear their stories and to watch as women engaged in the Word and found help in our peculiar and strange times. I have loved every minute of it. It’s been good for all of us to be in the Word of God, reading and studying and discussing God’s faithfulness in perilous times. This is what Hebrews means when the writer declares we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1). We simply have to look for them.

As we studied the minor prophets my heart grieved as Joel, Haggai, Nahum, and Habakkuk described their religious leaders of the time – complacent, vain, ungodly, and not turning the people’s hearts to God or His Temple. Disobedient and self-absorbed, these priests led the Nation of Judah down a path of death and destruction and ultimately, judgment! These ungodly priests demonstrated what is known as the “trickle-down effect” of leadership: for good or for bad, it’s a real principle.

I see it in our churches today as pastors open their pulpits to sports heroes with no real Christ-centered testimony, teaching philosophy instead of the Bible, and spouting Marxist Critical Theory as if it was something Jesus would do or practice. Grieving is the word that constantly comes to mind.

So back to Twitter and poor Russell Moore. Here we are in a world-wide pandemic; in quarantine for the first time in our history; small businesses are suffering, child abuse is at an all-time high as over-stressed parents are forced to stay home with their kids; children are confused as all their normal schedules and events are cancelled and everyone is wondering, “How Long Will This Last” and “Am I SAFE?” Our nation is worried about  physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial health. People are asking, “Am I going to be okay? Is my family going to be okay?” I know I’m not the only person unable to see and hug a parent locked in a nursing home where the death rate for COVID-19 is 70% of our nation’s total. It hurts.

This was an opportunity for the Church to come alive, to stretch out her hand and remind our nation, and our world, that God is faithful and that Jesus alone holds the cure for what ails the human soul. This was our BIG chance to say to the world, “Look to Jesus! He’s still HERE!” And in the midst of the fear, and death, and conflict, and shortages, and confusion, poor and broken Russell Moore, the third most influential Southern Baptist leader on the planet, does a video on “Reading in Exile” and his author of choice is none other than horror fiction writer, Stephen King!

Yes, Stephen King—the writer of Carrie, Pet Cemetery, Bag of Bones and The Shining. Steven King, whose daughter is a Unitarian Universalist minister – a church he attends. Steven King who suffers from depression and substance abuse and who once wrote, “An author always shares his own sicknesses in his writing.”

King, who admits in his autobiography, that his insurmountable insecurities “created a plague of nightmares” in which he saw his mother “constantly laid out in a coffin”, saw himself hanging from gallows with crows pecking out his eyes, and his anxieties include everything from a terror of falling down a toilet, to paranoia about deformity, death, and clowns.

Stephen King who confesses that drugs such as LSD and cocaine, as well as alcohol, brought on his morbid creativity that has allowed him to write some of the darkest and most grotesque scenes in American literature—scenes that make Edgar Allan Poe look like children’s literature.

That’s the author Russell Moore recommends for Christians to be reading while in quarantine, or as he calls it, “Reading in Exile.” He does a comprehensive “book report” on how much he loves King’s writing and recommends his favorite King books. Of course, it is important for me to mention here that King does deal with the battle between good and evil, light and dark, religion and the devil, but as King has admitted quite openly, in the majority of his books, EVIL usually wins. That’s comforting.

Quite honestly, I felt a lot like those minor prophets we studied these past few weeks, anguishing over ungodly leadership and priests who lead their flock down dangerous and idolatrous paths. Heartbroken, angry, disgusted, and sorely grieved, I wrote to poor Russell Moore, “You’re spiritually bankrupt. Of all the great books and works of literature we have access to, you selected demonic and dark Stephen King? Lord Jesus help us! What happened to, ‘Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things?’ We’re in a crisis here Russell and you’re reading and recommending occult literature. Lord have mercy on us.”

I tried to explain that Rome is burning. Things look tough ahead. This is an actual crisis whether man-made or natural, it is a crisis nonetheless and instead of words of comfort and biblical forever-lasting Truth, we’ve got one of the top leaders of the world’s largest Protestant denomination during the biggest crisis of my lifetime promoting Stephen King instead of pointing the hurt, the perplexed, the confused, the lost and the fearful to the KING of kings, he’s pointing them to Stephen King. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Here’s this blog in podcast form: https://truthmatterswithteri.podbean.com/e/stephen-king-or-the-king-of-kings-how-russell-moore-has-failed-the-church-once-again/




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54258. Greg Will said,
April 30th, 2020 at 8:52 am

Yes, unfortunately ancient Israel all around us,,,what a comfort to know that God will someday right all the wrongs, and will bring all things to Justice at his Throne of Righteousness. Am so thankful for that.

54259. admin said,
April 30th, 2020 at 9:14 am

Me too Greg. Such a good word – thank you!

54261. LMoore said,
April 30th, 2020 at 8:38 pm

Wow- good for you, going after the darkness in SBC leadership. Thankful for your great insights on this blog and your vlogs on YouTube!

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