Standing in Your Bean Field: It’s Time to Do Battle

Posted by admin in July 25th, 2020
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ELEAZAR was one of David’s mighty men of valor. This is the David who eventually became King of Israel, was harangued by Saul, killed Goliath, and was called the Apple of God’s Eye. The Bible says David had three mighty men of valor and Eleazar was one of them. Eleazar’s story is one of my favorites because he was very determined and he never let the odds play a role in his faith. He wasn’t moved by what he saw, but always trusted God to deliver.

Eleazar came from a small Hebrew village. He joined David’s army at a young age and was a terrific fighter. He was a warrior. You may know him because he’s one of the guys that crossed enemy lines to bring David a drink of water. Remember him? Well, he got military leave one fall weekend and headed home to see the family after being at war for three years. When he got to his village everyone was hiding in their huts, shaking with fear. Eleazar asked, “What’s going on here?” And the villagers trembled. It seemed that every harvest the Philistines had crossed over the hills on their horses, ransacked the village, took the harvest and anything else they wanted. The Hebrew villagers were scared to death of these Philistines and as a result they hadn’t been able to harvest any beans for the past few years. Bad times. Scary times. Lawless times. The poor villagers felt helpless against the marauding Philistines.

On his first morning back home, Eleazar woke to the sound of hoof beats and shouting. He grabbed his sword and headed outside to see what was happening. And there on the hills’ crest were the Philistines. Hundreds of them. Armed, threatening, and very scary. Well, Eleazar headed for his bean field and when he reached it, he stood right in the center of that field, planted his feet and raised his sword. The nasty Philistines laughed when they saw this one, lone guy standing all by himself in his bean field with his sword raised in the air. What was this crazy Hebrew thinking? It was him against all of them. They howled with laughter and then they charged…

There was Eleazar all alone standing in his bean field. He fought with all his might and all his strength as the villagers hid under their beds, in their small huts, fearful. Dust flew, swords clanked, horses snorted and battle cries were loud as thunder from that bean field. A battle was raging—one man against an entire army.

And then a miracle happened. The Philistines started running for their lives. And as they retreated and hightailed it out of there the villagers began to peek their scared little noses out of their windows to see what happened. And when the dust settled and the war cries were far gone, left among dead horses and slain Philistines, Eleazar stood alone in his bean field. The villagers ran out to Eleazar and discovered that they couldn’t even pry the sword from his hand.

Eleazar stood in his bean field, with his sword and his God and refused to allow the enemy to take what was his. Great story. Good stuff. Important principle. I want to be an Eleazar!


What do we as followers of Christ do in a crisis situation? Do we collapse? Do we run and hide under our beds? Do we just give up? What do we do when the gates of hell seem to be prevailing against us? When the Philistines charge our bean fields? We’re in a crises in America and the followers of Jesus need to rise up and fight for their bean fields! When you’ve done everything else – stand! Peace.


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54786. Carol Howell said,
July 26th, 2020 at 6:12 pm

Excellent article Teri. I believe we need a strong Christian leader to organize and inspire the Christian community so we are effective. We need a plan.

54792. Lana said,
July 27th, 2020 at 7:50 am

Love this. Thanks for the encouraging word. My prayer is that we can be strong and courageous.

54794. Annette Bell said,
July 27th, 2020 at 1:58 pm

I want to be an Eleazar, too! Great encouragement, Teri.

54902. Cheryl said,
August 25th, 2020 at 5:51 am

LOVE this. I have come back more than once to read it and be inspired. I just love his courage and how he was determined to stand, even if he had to stand alone. May God confound our enemies as we stand firm for His truth in this evil, chaotic time. I am pleading for His mercies in this upcoming election and trust He will give our great President Trump four more years to keep fighting for the unborn and our precious religious liberty that is so under attack. God, help us all.

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