A Rose By Any Other Name…

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Steve Martin, the comedian, used to have a routine about what would happen if parents taught their kid the wrong word for everything. He imagined what that child’s first day of school would be like. Hand raised, the child asks, “May I cow patch to the banana moon?” It’d be a cruel joke.

Sometimes my dear husband likes to explain himself, “Well, that’s just my way of saying…” or “What I meant by that was….” And I have to explain to him that no one has the right to their own form of English. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s a principle. It’s part of the civilization you were born into. Language has rules and part of those rules include a lexicon (a complete set of meaningful units in a language). This is what gives language meaning and without meaning we have no language. The very definition of a civilization includes the word, “organization.”  Civilization is defined as the process by which a society reaches a stage of social and cultural organization. Part of that organization is having an agreed upon understanding of language; having a common language requires a common, agreed upon definition of terms. The […] Continue Reading…

Guillotines and The Apocalypse

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When I was a kid we watched horrible movies at church about the last days. Thief in the Night and A Distant Thunder are such wretched films. They are badly directed, badly filmed, badly acted, and I’m not so sure they are theologically sound. Daryl told me he knew kids who became Christians because of those movies. Really? That’s hard to believe, but God can and does use anything.

When I was growing up in the church we heard a lot of sermons about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It was talked about, preached on, studied, and maybe it got a bit weird at times, but still the Church (capital C) included Christ’s return on its “important issues” list. And then it stopped.

In the 90s, Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye brought a renewal of the topic with the Left Behind books. Later Kirk Cameron and Nicholas Cage starred in the series on the big screen. The movies were a bit silly – not their content, but again with the writing and the acting – let’s just say they didn’t win any awards. Movies by Christians about Jesus should be excellent. These were corny, trite, and not believable. Sadly.

But I bring all of […] Continue Reading…

The Manger and The Cross

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Recently I was reading an article by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In it, Bonhoeffer makes a statement that shook me to the core,
“For the great and powerful of this world, there are only two places in which their courage fails them…These are the manger and the cross of Jesus Christ. No powerful person dares approach the manger, and this even included King Herod. For this is where thrones shake, the mighty fall, the prominent perish, because God is with the lowly…Before the young maiden, before the manger of Christ, before God in lowliness, the powerful come to naught…” God is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas (Westminster John Knox Press, 2010).
The manger and the cross. The words jumped off the page and hit me like a hammer! The two most powerful images or places in the history of humankind; the two most anointed and significant events in all the world; the two symbols of humanity’s only way to salvation – the virgin birth of a poor infant born in a barn and the horrific death of a man on a trash heap between two criminals. Scandalous. Ridiculous. Absolutely insane and yet it is through the manger and the cross that […] Continue Reading…

Reefer Madness: There Is No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana

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There is no such thing as medical marijuana.
“What about all those children with epilepsy and my great aunt with glaucoma?” I am exhausted with the false narratives about the medical benefits of marijuana. The questions fundamentally miss one simple fact: there is NO SUCH THING AS medical marijuana!

The confusion is not surprising, as the marijuana advocacy community has done everything possible to disguise the way medical legalization works in the US.

Marijuana is not “prescribed” for anything. It can’t be, because the FDA has never approved it to treat any disease, and there is little to no evidence that marijuana, in any form, can or does help any diseases.

Pot doctors may “authorize” its use, usually after very short visits by patients. But it is important to understand that an authorization card is NOT a prescription. Less than 3% of MDs in the US have agreed to such authorizations. Most credible doctors, especially GPs, stay away from any form of “medical marijuana” because the research on its benefits and usefulness simply does not exist.

After receiving an authorization card, “patients” can then buy as much marijuana as they like for a year for any reason they choose. Three studies I read showed […] Continue Reading…

Reefer Madness: It Brings Injury and Death

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Marijuana use increases accidents and ER visits.
There is a strong link between marijuana use and dangerous driving. Berenson says, “The number of drivers in fatal accidents in Colorado and Washington state who test positive for marijuana has soared since legalization” (p. 219).

With recent changes in its legal status, the impact of marijuana on driving accidents is tragic! Marijuana is the most common illicit drug reported in motor vehicle accidents (MVA) nationwide! Experimental studies indicate that acute intoxication with marijuana affects a number of cognitive and motor skills that are necessary for safe driving, including reaction time, signal detection, information processing, and spatial memory—basically every skill necessary to drive safely.

But car accidents aren’t the only thing sending users to the ER.

Five years after Colorado first legalized marijuana, a new study shows the drug is sending more people to the emergency room than ever before. Inhaled marijuana caused the most severe problems, but marijuana-infused foods and candies, called edibles, led to the second most severe problems. Patients went to the ER with symptoms ranging from uncontrollable vomiting to psychotic episodes.

In a state-funded, post-legal-pot study at The University of Colorado Hospital, —2,567 emergency visits were without question caused by marijuana. Seventeen percent […] Continue Reading…

Reefer Madness: It Fries the Brain

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Marijuana causes impaired cognitive abilities.
Even among infrequent (non-daily) users, marijuana causes significant impairment to one’s ability to pay attention and to concentrate. A number of studies have shown that marijuana use significantly affects impulse control, the ability to do simple planning, decision making, and a person’s working memory—this is with nondaily, infrequent use.

But the enormous “Marijuana Legalization: Impact on Physicians and Public Health” study that I read shows that marijuana use results in:

slower response time in tasks and simple reaction time,
impairment of visuospatial (perception of distance between objects),
inhibits sustained attention and divided attention, and
it wreaks havoc on short-term memory, as well as impairment on motor control tasks.

With chronic, daily use of marijuana, users experience greater cognitive impairment and oftentimes, depending on the age of the user, that cognitive impairment does not repair itself after the users stops ingesting marijuana—resulting in long-term irreparable cognitive damage. Heartbreaking.

So, let’s look at some of the persistent effects of this drug. Chronic marijuana use is associated with:

persistent impairment of attention,
verbal memory loss,
working memory loss,
impaired decision making (the making of bad decisions) and
impaired decision-making function (unable to make any decisions at all).

Although early research indicated that […] Continue Reading…

Reefer Madness: Marijuana Causes Vioence

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Using marijuana is dangerous.
My loved one, the guy who asked the question that started all of this, is an open-minded, born-again Christian. His question was good for me. Instead of me just brushing him off, his sincerity forced me to find evidence to prove my case. And like a lot of people who support the legalization of marijuana, he made this statement, “Marijuana is perfectly safe. Way safer than alcohol.”

No, it isn’t. And the science proves it. In Tell Your Children, Berenson states the common pro-marijuana argument, “Barack Obama smoked it. Bill Clinton smoked it too, even if he didn’t inhale. Might as well say it causes presidencies. I’ve smoked it myself, I liked it fine. Maybe I got a little paranoid, but it didn’t last. Nobody ever died from smoking too much pot” (2019, p. xiv).

“No one ever died from smoking too much pot” is a lie. Not only is marijuana highly addictive, it also leads to violence. There is indisputable research that smoking marijuana leads to violent behavior.

Google Raina Thaiday. Australian courts found her violent behavior was a clear result of long-term marijuana use. The judge stated, “Thaiday gave a history of the use of cannabis since […] Continue Reading…

Reefer Madness: Why I Hate Marijuana’s Guts

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Recently I was asked by a loved one why I am so against marijuana. His question was sincere, and though I believe he holds his own opinion about the subject, I felt that he was genuinely interested in why I hate it so much.

Anecdotes are okay, but as a PhD I know rigorous research beats anecdotes every time. But on this day, I couldn’t quote a single piece of evidence that would make my case. So, I grabbed the arsenal easiest to reach-—that of personal experience and I started there.

I know firsthand that smoking pot is dangerous. At college, I smoked pot for three years. I didn’t just smoke pot recreationally, (which is the way I started), but I eventually had to sell the drug in order to sustain my addiction. I needed pot to go to sleep; I needed it to go to work; I needed it to start my day.

I also know from personal experience that pot hinders productivity. I started smoking marijuana midterm my freshman year. I was earning good grades and had a very clear goal for my life. I was studying special education because I wanted to be a teacher from the time I was […] Continue Reading…

When the Handwriting is on the Wall

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Corrie ten Boom wrote about a time that she was very sick and the doctors thought she was going to die. This was a few years after the war ended. A brother in Christ that she loved and respected came to her bedside and asked, “Corrie, is there any area in your life in which you are not obeying God?”

Corrie ten Boom. The woman had survived a prisoner of war camp, hung tightly to her faith even when her sister died there, boldly loved God with all of her heart and always encouraged the Body of Christ to do likewise—could she ever disobey God?

But there it was. Germany. God was calling Corrie to return to Germany and she did not want to go!

The Christian brother prayed with Corrie and she asked for forgiveness because delayed obedience is always disobedience. She confessed her sin to God and to this brother. They prayed together for healing and Corrie, as always, said yes to the Lord and yes to Germany. Within a few days she was back on her feet and heading to the one place in the world to which she had never wanted to return.

Not anything that dramatic […] Continue Reading…

The Glory and the Grind

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There’s an old adage, “War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.” I think about this saying whenever I’m reading or studying the life of Abraham. Abraham, an ordinary guy going about his ordinary life doing ordinary things when all of the sudden BOOM! God interrupts and Abraham’s course, his life, even his name is changed. We read about Abraham from his call in Genesis 11, at age 75, until his death at age 175, in Genesis 25. In those 100 years of walking with God, the Bible states that God spoke to Abraham only seven times—-seven times in 100 years. Abraham’s life can be described much like the old adage on war: long periods of grind punctuated by shocking moments of glory.

This year I turned 60 and 60 is a call for reflection. I have walked with God since my 21st birthday in 1980. That was the year I was filled with the Spirit and set on fire for God. That was the year I dedicated my life to missions and made a covenant with God to follow Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. It’s been nearly 40 years […] Continue Reading…

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