America, God Shed His Grace on Thee

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SQUANTO. The name is strange, but the story is powerful and miraculous. The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth with no survival skills. They came to the New World for religious freedom–to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Four hundred years ago, on November 11, 1620, our forefathers and foremothers braved the unknown to forge a nation on biblical principles and Christ-centered ideals. But they weren’t equipped for the harsh conditions. They weren’t hunters, or fishers, or farmers; they weren’t builders or tradesmen. They were scholars, preachers, and shopkeepers and in the harsh New England winter, they were dying. They landed and set up camp on a small piece of elevated land. Forty-five out of 102 died that first winter of scurvy, starvation, and cold. Hopeless. Dejected. Discouraged. They stood on the edge of a precipice, much like we are today. Our very survival is at stake. YET in the midst of these horrific circumstances, GOD provided a miracle! Into the midst of suffering, fear and death, walked Squanto–the only Native American in a 600-mile radius who could speak fluent English! He’d been kidnapped by the French, sold to the English, who took him to England and while in captivity, […] Continue Reading…

You Were Born For THIS Day!

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“Asa the King prayed to the Lord his God, ‘O Lord, You can help a weak army as easily as a powerful one. Help us now, O Lord our God, because we are relying on You, and in Your name we have come out to fight against this huge army. Lord, You are our God; no one can hope to defeat You,'” (II Chron. 14:11).

Church! We have to pray as we’ve never prayed before. The future of this nation depends upon it! We cannot be complacent, lazy, defeated, apathetic. We cannot be hopeless, nor anesthetized.

Don’t take your eyes off Jesus!

This battle is the day for which you were born. You were born for this day and God is calling you to fight! Fight for the unborn, the innocent; fight for freedom, missional living, and the very preservation of our nation. God is doing something marvelous in His Church and YOU are a part of that. These are the good works the Bible speaks about in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God hath ordained that we should walk in (before the foundations of the world were laid).”

In all of […] Continue Reading…

The Divine/Human Synergy

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We must acknowledge this thing called DIVINE HUMAN SYNERGY! Yes, God is working. And yes, God is a Redeemer. God is absolutely omnipotent. But God has also given humankind a free will. Because of FREE WILL, sin occurs every-single-day and sin is NEVER God’s will. By its very definition, sin is the opposite of God’s will. Every time a baby is aborted – God’s will is not being done; every time a woman is raped – God’s will is not being done; every time a child is sold into slavery – God’s will is not being done. Murder is not God’s will. Cheating on your wife is not God’s will. Getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated – NOT GOD’S WILL!

So, please be careful saying, “God is in control” because it begins sounding like fatalistic Muslim Shahada, “Everything is predestined to happen.” As Christians, the Bible does not teach that. What the Bible does teach is that God gives us freedom to choose and if we run from horrible sinful choices, repent, turn to Him, He will and does Redeem those choices. Redemption is wonderful, powerful, grace-filled, mercy. Redemption turns horrible things in our lives for good. […] Continue Reading…

What is Moral Failure?

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This week Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University, the largest Christian university in the world, posted a video on his Instagram account of friends and family partying on his yacht. (There’s so much wrong with that sentence). The party’s theme was taken from a most disturbing and depraved reality TV show, The Trailer Park Boys. The video shows Falwell, his wife, kids, and their friends boozing it up, all with cigarettes in their hands, scantly dressed, and one young man holding his crotch while giving the finger to the camera man. It was ghastly. And you have to wonder why on earth did Falwell post that video? Has he no moral compass at all?!?


Liberty University, started in the 1970s by pastor and televangelist Jerry Falwell, Sr., was once considered one of the most conservative campuses in the nation with strict regulations on everything from attire to extracurricular activities. Still today the student handbook lists a code of conduct that both students and faculty are required to sign and follow each year.


“Every student is asked to respect Liberty’s Statement of Doctrine and Purpose and should avoid any activity, on or off campus, which would contradict the university’s mission or […] Continue Reading…

Standing in Your Bean Field: It’s Time to Do Battle

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ELEAZAR was one of David’s mighty men of valor. This is the David who eventually became King of Israel, was harangued by Saul, killed Goliath, and was called the Apple of God’s Eye. The Bible says David had three mighty men of valor and Eleazar was one of them. Eleazar’s story is one of my favorites because he was very determined and he never let the odds play a role in his faith. He wasn’t moved by what he saw, but always trusted God to deliver.

Eleazar came from a small Hebrew village. He joined David’s army at a young age and was a terrific fighter. He was a warrior. You may know him because he’s one of the guys that crossed enemy lines to bring David a drink of water. Remember him? Well, he got military leave one fall weekend and headed home to see the family after being at war for three years. When he got to his village everyone was hiding in their huts, shaking with fear. Eleazar asked, “What’s going on here?” And the villagers trembled. It seemed that every harvest the Philistines had crossed over the hills on their horses, ransacked the village, took the […] Continue Reading…

“I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” Says the Transgender Pastor

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Okay. You just can’t make this stuff up. On Sunday, June 14, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) pastor said in his virtual sermon, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” The Baptist pastor was announcing to his church (via zoom) that while in quarantine he’d transitioned from Pastor Justin to Pastor Junia. I guess he can say now he really is more fearfully made than wonderful.

Snarky question, “What did you do during the lockdown?” If it wasn’t so heartbreaking, it’d be funny. But the really terrible part is Pastor Justin didn’t give his elders and executive committee a “heads up”, so as everyone watched together on that virtual Sunday morning…BOOM…he tells them he’s transitioned into a gay woman. A what? A gay woman because he’s still attracted to women…not men.

And the even stranger news? The church elders called an emergency virtual meeting (‘cause you know, the virus) and the church voted on whether or not to keep Pastor Trans. The vote? 58 to 53 – meaning they almost didn’t give him the high-heeled boot. Only five votes stood between a reprobate pastor and his congregation. Five.

Good thing American Justin Joplin and his family (thaaat’s right – wife and kids) moved […] Continue Reading…

When A Pastor Orders His Church Not To Sing, The Rocks Will Cry Out

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The text came in just after lunch on Sunday, “So…singing is now banned for one month at CCCS. Announced this morning.” I read it. Then I re-read it, still in disbelief. You see, we live in Kansas, not California. KANSAS. There’s no crazy gubernatorial mandate against singing; there’s no state recommendation to hold off singing for 30 days. We are under an “all masks everywhere” legislation, but no one said we couldn’t sing! We can gather wearing masks.

I write back, “This is hideous!” She replies, “Yep. It’s not even a law or a recommendation here in Kansas…but our pastor decided to do this on his own–voluntarily. Singing banned for 30 days. Grieved.” Grieved–that’s a good word for it.

Never, in my lifetime, have I seen such madness among Christians. It’s total insanity, and at its root is the eternal enemy of God. And how do I know that? Because there are two vitally important weapons Scripture tells us to use to battle principalities and powers set up to destroy God’s people: prayer and singing. Let me show you what I mean.

Praise and worship has always been an integral part of Christianity. It’s not only commanded by Scripture, it is a […] Continue Reading…

Pedophilia is the New Gray

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June was a bad month for America as the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) voted on three major cases: job discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers, on a program protecting young undocumented immigrants known as DACA Dreamers, and finally against abortion restrictions put forth by the state of Louisiana. He’s always been a fence-sitter that Chief Justice Roberts, but nothing in his 15-year history on the court compares to the recent run of liberal and destructive votes as in these three major cases in June.

But one thing the recent SCOTUS votes have done is ferret out our deceptive and closet liberal  Russell Moore. Moore has been trying to covertly sell conservative Southern Baptists on the Fairness for All Act, passed back in 2019. It’s a long story, but the Fairness for All Act, at its root, is in clear opposition to the Religious Liberty Act which President Trump signed an executive order to uphold in January. What is the Fairness Act in a nutshell? Christian universities, ministries, churches, schools, and organizations cannot discriminate against LGBTQ+ new hires, employees, workers, or students. Moore, as the president of the ERLC (please don’t make me explain again what this is), has funded the Fairness Act and […] Continue Reading…

Being White Doesn’t Make Me Guilty of Racism by Dr. Daryl McCarthy

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At the start of the Civil War, my great-great-grandfather Callahan Creighton McCarthy left his home in Missouri, which was a slave state. Callahan enlisted in the Kansas Sixth Cavalry. For four long and horrific years he fought as a Union soldier in battle after battle, defending the right for all to be free. He risked his life for the freedom of slaves.

I’m proud of my great-great-grandfather. I’m glad he did this. But I don’t get any credit for his brave actions 159 years ago. Those were his actions, not mine. That was his decision, not mine.

The converse is also true. If my great-great-grandfather Callahan McCarthy had fought for the Confederate Army—as 40,000 other men in Missouri did—it wouldn’t make me guilty. If he had fought for slavery, that wouldn’t make me, Daryl McCarthy, a racist, or an oppressor of Blacks.

I neither gain merit from the good deeds of my ancestors nor am I guilty for the sins of my ancestors. None of us are.

Ezekiel 18:20, “The person who sins is the one who will die. The child will not be punished for the parent’s sins, and the parent will not be punished for the child’s sins. Righteous people will […] Continue Reading…

The #BLM Myths and Truth About Racism in America by Dr. Daryl McCarthy

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I know my friends and family members who rushed to endorse #blacklivesmatter and #blackouttuesday meant well. I think it’s perhaps their way of saying “We’re white, but we’re not racists.” But I have to ask them to please reconsider what they are actually endorsing. When it comes to #BLM and that entire movement, we must consider two very important things:

1). #blacklivesmatter is hypocritical; and more importantly, 2). #blacklivesmatter is actually a new radically insidious form of racism.

Let me explain.

First, #blacklivesmatter is hypocritical and is not really concerned about black lives at all. Here is how we know this:
• If #blacklivesmatter (BLM) really cared about Black lives, they would be protesting the thousands of murders of Black citizens each year by other Blacks. The leading cause of death among Black men in their 20s is assault by other African-Americans.

• If #blacklivesmatter really cared about Black lives, they would be crying out against the thousands of Black babies who are killed each year through abortion-on-demand. More Black babies are aborted per capita than any other racial group. (Remember, one of the primary goals of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, was to control the Black population’s numbers, because in her words, Blacks […] Continue Reading…

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