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Posted by admin in June 13th, 2009
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A woman was recovering from heart surgery when the Lord appeared by her bedside. “Lord, are you here to take me home?” she asked. (Stop me if you’ve heard this one!)

“No,” the Lord replied. “You’ve got 30 more years here on earth.”

Well, knowing that , the woman thought while she was in the hospital she’d have a few things done: she had liposuction, breast implants, a face lift, a tummy tuck and collagen injected into her lips. Finally she was released from the hospital (looking and feeling fabulous) and as she crossed the street she was hit by a car and killed. When she got to heaven she asked the Lord, “Hey, I thought you said I had 30 more years left?!?”

The Lord answered, “Yes, you did…but I didn’t recognize you.”

Corrie ten Boom gave an illustration to explain the balance between free will and predestination. She said that when someone accepts Jesus as his/her personal Savior it is kind of like checking in at a receptionist desk and the Lord handing you a file saying, “Here is my plan for your life.” And we receive our calling and destiny right there and then. But to be quite honest there are times that I have felt that my file got lost behind some piece of heavenly office equipment and that no one up There has any idea where I am or what I am supposed to be doing. My file has been lost, misplaced, forgotten, or skipped over.

Ever feel like that? That God doesn’t recognize you or that your personnel file slipped behind a filing cabinet somewhere and folks on that end of things have no idea you are waiting to hear from the Big Guy?

These days some funky things are happening. Things that I would never have expected much less predicted. Small companies that have thrived in the past are now struggling to make payroll. Friends of mine, a married couple, lost 60 percent of their retirement because their stock investments fell so drastically. Both are having to look for jobs at 60 years old. Good people. Godly people. People who love God and are obedient to Him are struggling financially, personally, physically and as a result sometimes spiritually. It is awful to feel abandoned by God—to think He’s forgotten you. But what I have to do in these times of confusion and discouragement is remind myself constantly and religiously (sorry) that God does not abandon His children. Ever. Never. Not His way. That’s not how He rolls.

Remember the Shekinah glory story? The posting about the persecuted Church in China (see last posting)? Well let me tell you Part Two of that story. Back in the day, China had two types of currency: foreign exchange and People’s Money (RMB). The contract our organization negotiated for us said that we’d be paid in RMB. It was a worthless piece of paper. It was Monopoly money. Good news? They paid us tons of it. Bad news? It was only good in China and couldn’t be converted to US dollars. What was made in China, stayed in China.

And in those days there wasn’t anything to buy. Not like today where China has great electronics, fabulous knock off designer stuff and great teapots, jewelry and gadgets. It wasn’t like that. So every month my teammate and I were paid these ridiculous salaries (about ten times what the president of the university made) and we had absolutely no way to spend the funny money. I kept mine in a drawer. One day my teammate came in to borrow a stapler or some kind of office supply I’d brought from the States and I opened the wrong drawer and RMB cash started flying out and filling up my small room. I said, “This stuff is so useless. What in the world are we gonna do with all this cruddy currency? What are we gonna do with all this money?” And right at that moment it hit us…at the same time…at the same millisecond…THE CHURCH.

Because we were paid in RMB (Reminbi) and not foreign exchange, the bills were totally untraceable and undistinguishable. Why would that matter? Because the Church in China was not allowed to receive money from foreigners. It was against the law. Part of the Communist idea of stamping out the Church was forbidding any foreign financial support and then starving its members out by forcing them into low-paying jobs. No money; no Church. At least that was their plan.

But you see God is not limited nor is He restricted by anything man can do (or the devil for that matter). He is not prohibited. He is not constrained. He is not barred, banned or forbidden. God is never impotent. He is all powerful, all knowing, ever present and regardless of what our circumstances try to shout to us…GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL!

My teammate and I took that greasy, filthy, RMB People’s Money and we sacked up tons of it. Wads of it. Thousands upon thousands of Yuan of it and we gave it to the Church. Oh it was so exciting. Sometimes we’d meet a pastor in a park and do a Secret Jesus Agent drop off. Sometimes we’d hand it over to a member on the street or somewhere on campus. And every month, month after month, the Church of Jesus Christ was financially supported with money from the Communist government (though unknown to the Party). God had planned all along that a couple of white women, one from Kansas, would travel halfway around the globe to teach English and through these two white women He would make a way for His Body, His Church to financially flourish under an oppressive, psychotic, and evil regime. Devil’s dollars were being used to support God’s Church. Ain’t that amazing?

Once in a while we’d get reports of what the Church was doing with the money. First off they bought a radiator system to heat the building. PTL. Then we got news that they’d bribed police officials to allow them to go into outlying areas and preach the gospel. They held huge evangelistic meetings and the extra cash helped the police and soldiers to look the other way. They also bought new winter coats for all the senior citizens in the congregation. God provided for His people in hard and perilous times. And please note here that when I first learned that I’d be paid in RMB and not foreign exchange, I was very disappointed. Also note here that I thought our organization had made a mistake by allowing the school to pay us in non-convertible currency. Boy, was I wrong. Because God had it in His plans all along as a way to provide for His people.

So today, if you are struggling, wondering if God has lost you on His radar screen, be assured He has not. He knows right where you are, what you need and when you need it. And God is never late. He is faithful and trustworthy. He is dependable. And as trite as it may sound, when you can’t trust His hand—trust His heart. Peace.

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131. artandsoul said,
June 13th, 2009 at 10:42 am

What an amazing message on this overcast day, week, year…
Sometimes I don’t even realize when I’m not trusting Him to provide for us…but then through the clouds I slowly see it. He brings the sun out in such unexpected ways. Thanks for sharing.

132. big sister said,
June 15th, 2009 at 8:28 am

AMEN and AMEN, SISTER!!! Thank you for the reminder of Who He is and that we are still on the radar. Sometimes I feel like my blip was MIA from the radar screen and it’s good to know it wasn’t nor will it ever be – Praise be to God! Love and Hugs

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