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Serving in Klaipeda, Lithuania, with LCC International University

Daryl and I have been in Klaipeda for nine weeks now. (Daryl’s time is a little less because he travels back and forth to the U.S. occasionally, but for the most part, he’s here).

Three things we’ve noticed about Lithuania in our short time here:
1. Lithuanians are kind to strange foreigners. We’ve had elderly grandmothers point out the better bargain at the grocery store, even though we couldn’t understand a word being said, we’ve had women take us by the hand and point out a cheaper, equally-as-good brand. That is a very nice thing.
2. Human beings can live without cars! Yes, it is possible to exist, thrive and even be happy without a motor vehicle of your very own. Klaipeda has a very good public transportation system that is affordable, runs on time and gets us anywhere we need to go. Thank You Lord for that!
3. Lithuanians are resilient. Weather doesn’t stop them; oppressive regimes don’t stop them and tough economic times don’t stop them. Young and old alike are out riding bikes, going fishing, taking their children on walks in the park…life goes forward as it has for centuries. Klaipeda (population 187,000) was founded in 1252 and it has survived Prussian takeovers, Hitler’s domination, the German occupation, and the USSR’s violent regime and still it survives. That says a lot about a people. That is worth admiring.

So, all-in-all our nine weeks here has been good. Students are eager to learn, hardworking, and very dear to my heart (I have 43 students from seven nations). My colleagues are good people who truly want to serve their students and teach well. Daryl and I have had a few bumps here and there—my Dad’s hospitalization and health issues. Doctors say he has three months to live, but only the Lord knows for certain the days He has ordered for my Dad. Our little grandson Kempis went into the hospital for a routine tonsillectomy and coded three times in recovery. He was rushed to Children’s Mercy in downtown Kansas City where he was in ICU for three days. Our kids suffered greatly during this tense time of waiting and our hearts grieved that we weren’t there for them. Daryl’s Mom, Ruth, closed the family store after 63 years of business in the same building in the same town. We weren’t there to help her move and clean and celebrate that milestone.

Being in the center of God’s will isn’t the safest place on earth, just think about Jim Elliot, Jonathan Goforth or even Eric Liddell. Being in the center of God’s will isn’t the happiest place on earth either, think of Corrie ten Boom in the Ravensbrück or Amy Carmichael lying in bed all those years in India unable to walk or move about. But being in the center of God’s will is the right place on earth and though we face challenges, and crises and even miss milestones God has promised all of us to never leave us nor forsake us. And our prayer, Daryl’s and mine, is that we will be found faithful and that no matter what happens we will be the fragrance of Christ to those in Lithuania He has called us to. I pray for my students every day by name, my colleagues and for this nation. We pray as we walk on the streets, stroll through the parks and stand in lines at the market, “LORD bless these people! Deliver them from evil and pour out of Your Spirit on this land, on these individuals and call them to Yourself in Jesus’ name.” Is it enough? I don’t know, but it’s a beginning.

I wanted to close by thanking all of you for your generous financial support and for your intercessory prayers. Daryl and I are always so blown away by the generous giving of friends and family who are telling us that they believe in what we are doing. Thank you so much! And we feel your prayers every day as we learn to navigate in this new life and as we learn to trust God in new ways. We love you and appreciate you all so very much!

In His Joy,
Daryl and Teri McCarthy
October 29, 2010

City bus #4: Leave the driving to us!

Our first day in Klaipeda & our 16th wedding anniversary – that’s the Baltic Sea behind us!

My graduate students representing Lithuania, Latvia and the U.S. – all working on their MA in TESOL.

Our cozy little kitchen.

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LCC International University
Kretingos 36
Klaipeda, Lithuania LT – 92307

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459. anne said,
October 30th, 2010 at 6:41 am

Thank you, Teri, for this update. You’ve had intense hi’s and low’s, all in just nine weeks. I am so thankful your grandson came through his ordeal. Just a little aside, this has been an amazing semester for me at SC. The Spirit is moving! May God give us strength for the journey…

XX Anne

461. renee7 said,
November 4th, 2010 at 5:41 am

thanks for letting us know how you are doing. God is in control. if we just let Him . .

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