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“I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” Says the Transgender Pastor

Posted by admin in July 25th, 2020
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Okay. You just can’t make this stuff up. On Sunday, June 14, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) pastor said in his virtual sermon, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” The Baptist pastor was announcing to his church (via zoom) that while in quarantine he’d transitioned from Pastor Justin to Pastor Junia. I guess he can say now he really is more fearfully made than wonderful.

Snarky question, “What did you do during the lockdown?” If it wasn’t so heartbreaking, it’d be funny. But the really terrible part is Pastor Justin didn’t give his elders and executive committee a “heads up”, so as everyone watched together on that virtual Sunday morning…BOOM…he tells them he’s transitioned into a gay woman. A what? A gay woman because he’s still attracted to women…not men.

And the even stranger news? The church elders called an emergency virtual meeting (‘cause you know, the virus) and the church voted on whether or not to keep Pastor Trans. The vote? 58 to 53 – meaning they almost didn’t give him the high-heeled boot. Only five votes stood between a reprobate pastor and his congregation. Five.

Good thing American Justin Joplin and his family (thaaat’s right – wife and kids) moved to Canada in 2014, because transition medical care there is FREE! Don’t you just love socialized medicine?!? Can’t get cancer treatment in Canada, emergency brain operations, or open-heart surgery, but man they are on top of things when it comes to transgender medical needs and supplies. So Pastor Trans gets to do all of this on Canada’s dollar. The Canadians must be so proud!

Justin even said one of his seminary professors wrote the church early this week in support of the transition and compared Justin’s journey to that of the Civil Rights Movement – pro-gray Rep. John Lewis would have approved. Not surprisingly, Justin’s seminary, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, closed in January after more than three decades. Their charter mission statement? “We are unmistakably Baptist but with a commitment to being racially and gender inclusive with an ecumenical commitment and a global perspective.” That’s nice. They must be thrilled with Justin Joplin – he’s everything they wanted, but ethnic.
I say this with all conviction – if the church in America doesn’t wake up and start fighting for truth, this nation will be destroyed from the inside. We’re at a deep precipice and we’re running out of time. Justin Joplin has already gotten dozens of offers to speak at churches across the USA including this Sunday, July 25, at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church of New Orleans. And on his new Twitter account he writes, “Independent & guest preaching are shaping up to be a key part of my future. I’m not interested in becoming a YouTube personality, but live streaming gets easier at 1000+ subscribers. I wonder if any of you might help that happen?” Oh…not interested in becoming a “YouTube personality.” Right. Well, as long as you’re providing for your family…
If you believe in prayer, please pray for Kristy Joplin and her two sons. Selfishly, Justin Joplin is basking in the spotlight as his family carries the biggest brunt of this burden. Peace.

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54787. Carol Howell said,
July 26th, 2020 at 6:17 pm

Unbelievable! I believe these could be the ones
Jude spoke about in his epistle.

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