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Heroes Make Me Cry

Posted by admin in January 17th, 2009
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Why is it that heroes make me cry? I mean…okay…bawl like a baby? I was reading the account of the USAir pilot who safely landed his plane in the Hudson River. The report in USA Today stated that once all the passengers were off the plane, he walked the aisle not once, but TWICE to make sure no one was left behind. Then, when he was certain that all were safely off, he was the last person to leave the aircraft. I sobbed. This guy is a kickin’-it-old-school-John-Wayne-duty-honor-and-others-first kind of guy. Yes folks, they still exist. And they make me cry. The Bible calls them “Mighty Men of Valor.” These are the ferry boat captains that unloaded their paying customers and hauled the NYPD and NYFD out to the crash immediately. These are the Coast Guard guys who took off their coats and sweaters to wrap around soaking wet passengers who trembled from the freezing cold. These are the passengers that let others go first, passed out life vests and prayed. I saw one guy interviewed say, “I asked God to forgive me of my sins and prayed the Lord’s Prayer.” In a day and age when bank executives are greedy and out only for themselves, when CEOs and CIOs are lying under oath and ruining companies for their own gain, in a time where my hometown had a record number of murders in 2008 it is so good to see that the heroic, the honorable and the great still exist in our country. And so I cried. I cried because it reminded me of the Spirit of Christ who sacrificed His life to save us. That was the same spirit, whether he knows it or not, of that pilot who put others first and was willing to risk his life to save his passengers. Wow. Tearing up again just thinking about it.

The Old Testament tells a story of a guy named Eleazer. He was one of David’s Mighty Men of Valor. Eleazer went home for a visit and discovered that the Philistines had been bullying his village for the years he was away at war. Every year, the Philistines would invade the village and steal the barley harvest. Every year they got away with it. Mostly because the villagers were afraid and felt they couldn’t stand up against the might of the Philistines. When Eleazer heard about this, he was outraged. How could his people allow this bullying to happen? Didn’t they know they were God’s chosen? Didn’t they realize that God was with them? Didn’t they understand that the Philistines were bullies, not great men? So, the Philistines came, just like clockwork, and started raiding the barley field. But Eleazer, who had seen God’s mighty hand many times in battle, went out to meet the entire Philistine army…alone. He took up his sword and stood in his bean field and he fought for what was rightfully his. He fought and the dust kicked up and shouts went out and the battle was on and the villagers hid in their homes with fright. But old Eleazer slew those Philistines, “The Israelites withdrew, but he stood his ground. He struck down the Philistines until his arm grew weary, though his hand clung to the sword. The LORD brought about a great victory that day” (2 Samuel 2:9-10). The Philistines high-tailed it out of there and when the dust settled the villagers had to pry that sword out of Eleazer’s hand. I want to be like that. I want to be the last man off the ship; I want to be the kind of person who stands in my bean field and says, “No more! Not this time! I am fighting for what is true. I am fighting for what God has given me…what is rightfully mine!” I feel like that pilot stood for his passengers. He fought with his expertise, selflessness, cool head, and he didn’t lose one single life. It is a beautiful thing to behold. He is a Mighty Man of Valor. And that makes me cry. Peace.

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48. jamie said,
January 17th, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Hey, this is amazing. I love hearing your thoughts….I felt the same way. An extremely remarkable day that all the passengers survived and the Pilot was- truly a Hero. Thanks for the thoughts…I too, hope I have enough courage that when life calls me to- I can walk in the way of my King.

49. texas sister said,
January 18th, 2009 at 9:28 am

I too was moved and again proud of “Sully” as his friends know him. He is from North Texas so I am doubly proud. They interviewed his wife in front of his house and she gave his statement.
I mean not only is he a Mighty Man of Valor he is very, very humble.
Not to seek the spotlight the one time in his life when the whole world clamors, “Who is this man?” He avoids the pitfall of fame- Awe inspiring man indeed!
Sounds alot like Jesus to me

We got a new puppy this week and I wanted to name him “Sully” after this great man, the family nixxed the idea though, so he is “Bosco” since he looks like a little bear cub.
named after a chocolate syrup…oh well! so much for a heroic dog, i guess he’ll just be delicious instead
Thanks Teri for bringing this format for us
c miller

50. Danny-boy said,
January 21st, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Dearest Teri!

ThanXL for your very touching thoughts. “Sully” made big news in Switzerland too and as a matter of fact people were deeply moved by this exceptional man who took not only his job very seriously but also the responsibility for the 155 lives entrusted to him (“saving 155 lives” is a big word – but let’s hope & pray that those saved will now put some extra thought into the meaning of life in general as well as the term “having been offered a second chance” – as you mentioned). Sully is old school indeed and a wonderful example for us (and our kids!) that live in a more & more anonymous world. Good to know that the story of the Good Samaritan continues…;-) Talking about Sully: the big headline in the Swiss newspapers today is: Sully has Swiss roots! Some guy found out that in 1737 (no joke!) his grand-whatever-father emigrated from somewhere near Bern to the US. Well, dear friends over there, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?! Got me, I admit: we Swiss like to claim every bit of fame we can…;-)

While I’m enjoying myself writing to you…: we were very moved about the “religious part” of Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony. Public prayers, hymns being sung, the name of God mentioned clearly and, moreover, God being asked to bless President and Country, holding your hand on the bible while being sworn into office – totally unthinkable in once very religious and now ever so liberal Switzerland… Ok, I’m not naive and I do understand protocol and symbolism and American culture – but still, I was touched. Let’s just pray for the big man in charge, because that’s what the bible calls us to do.

Lots of love and a BearHug from your little brother Danny-boy in Switzerland (…that’s how rumors start: did you know that Teri has a little brother in Switzerland?!…;-)

51. big sister said,
January 23rd, 2009 at 11:09 am

Well, I do believe that ‘this message will preach’ sister! Thank you for reminding us of Eleazer and his stand. Thank you for reminding us that someone like this pilot exists as someone who is not out for himself or for fame or any other selfish deed – but to help mankind and risk his life while doing so…how Christlike…
PS – loved that Danny-boy wrote in – and, did you forget to tell me we have a brother?

52. PhilB said,
January 30th, 2009 at 9:25 am

Well said.
Don’t forget, some heros make the papers, but most don’t.

There are a lot of heroic single moms and hard-working dads, and up-right teens who are also true heros.

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