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Betty turned 78 on June 1st this year. She’s not married, has no children, was an only child and has no living relatives. Betty lives alone. She volunteers at IICS where Daryl and I work. She has volunteered there for nearly 15 years. She stuffs envelopes. Files Daryl’s crazy newspaper clippings. Gets huge mailings ready for bulk mail and any other tedious task we ask of her. Betty always smiles. She always has a good word. She’s always peaceful.

Betty is Jesus to me. In all my life I have never seen anyone live out their faith and love for God like Betty does. She is humble, gentle, never calls attention to herself and she never says an unkind word of anyone. I wish I could be more like Betty.

One of the most amazing things about Betty is her grateful heart. She is so grateful to God for everything. Once during a really bad ice storm Daryl and I called to see if she was okay. “Well, I do have a big tree down in my backyard, but praise God it didn’t hit the house.”

Yea, but it did hit her electrical lines and she was without power for a couple of days. I was so distraught as to how she was going to get rid of that tree. We were iced in as well and let’s be honest, Daryl and I are not handy people. We don’t even own a saw. I called later to see how she was doing and she was so excited. Two young men in a truck had driven in her neighborhood and seen the tree. They asked if they could cut it up and remove it for the wood. Her tree was cleared out in a matter of hours. God richly provided for Betty and she was rejoicing.

Betty likes simple things. She was raised in a small town in Kansas by loving parents who made a living selling milk to neighbors, raising a few cows and growing a summer garden that fed them throughout winter. She married, but he left her for another woman. Once the couple came to Betty to ask forgiveness and to make things right. She isn’t capable of bitterness and said she forgave them just to make them feel better; the truth was she was never unforgiving toward them in the first place. She wasn’t angry—never had been.

Betty loves unconditionally. She gives whole-heartedly. She serves earnestly. Betty has never forgotten my birthday. Every year I get a card from Betty. Never late. Never forgotten. She always writes in the card that she loves me and that she is praying for me. I know God hears her prayers.

Betty is quiet. Unassuming. You’d never pick her out in a crowd and yet she is the best Christian I have ever known. Always a hug. Always a smile. Always a kind word. Her prayers are simple and childlike—just the way Jesus told us they should be.

In today’s Christianity (at least American Christianity) it seems that only the strong, the flashy, the brilliant are admired and recognized. We like our TV evangelists, our hipster praise and worship leaders, the attractive, the well put together, the articulate. We like Christianity to look good, to smell good, to fit in to today’s standards of classy and chic. And yet…

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him,” (Isaiah 53:2).

I think Judgment Day is going to be a shocker to a lot of us. Jesus will be separating the sheep and goats, the wheat and chaff. God the Father will be calling each Believer forward to give an account for our lives. Some will go on His right; others on His left. I get this picture in my mind of God the Father looking out over the folks on His right and saying, “Come here my good and faithful servant.” The crowd is filled with familiar faces: Billy Graham, David Wilkerson, Corrie ten Boom, Elizabeth Elliot, Hudson Taylor, Paul. But the crowd separates and there in the very back almost hiding quietly and gently is Betty–too meek to even look up and God the Father says, “Come here Betty. Come sit by me. You served when no one was watching. You loved when there was no applause. You prayed and moved nations on your knees. Come here Betty because in My Kingdom the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Well done daughter. You have been a good and faithful servant.” And then it will all finally make sense. Then we’ll see clearly for the first time and understand what is really real. Peace.

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175. texas sister said,
August 3rd, 2009 at 8:21 pm

this one strikes a deep chord in me. I love fashion, make up, perfume, hair products. All those things that 1 Peter 3 says don’t make me beautiful. I try and try to buy the newest most fashionable pretty things and promtly spill spaghetti sauce down my new blouse and it is permanently stained.

I’ve known a few “Betty’s” and they humble me as did this story.
I’m big, loud, flashy and “my feet never stay at home” as Proverbs says.

Maybe I will be changed by remembering the Betty’s I know of and following their example as they follow Jesus.
You included

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