Pedophilia is the New Gray

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June was a bad month for America as the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) voted on three major cases: job discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers, on a program protecting young undocumented immigrants known as DACA Dreamers, and finally against abortion restrictions put forth by the state of Louisiana. He’s always been a fence-sitter that Chief Justice Roberts, but nothing in his 15-year history on the court compares to the recent run of liberal and destructive votes as in these three major cases in June.

But one thing the recent SCOTUS votes have done is ferret out our deceptive and closet liberal  Russell Moore. Moore has been trying to covertly sell conservative Southern Baptists on the Fairness for All Act, passed back in 2019. It’s a long story, but the Fairness for All Act, at its root, is in clear opposition to the Religious Liberty Act which President Trump signed an executive order to uphold in January. What is the Fairness Act in a nutshell? Christian universities, ministries, churches, schools, and organizations cannot discriminate against LGBTQ+ new hires, employees, workers, or students. Moore, as the president of the ERLC (please don’t make me explain again what this is), has funded the Fairness Act and supported it in what I’d call a sideways dance – head nodding yes, while mouth saying no. Double-talk ended this week as Russell Moore played his hand and wrote an op/ed piece for none other than that bastion of liberalism, The New York Times. See Moore’s traitorous piece here:

Russell Moore tries to convince his readers that supporting the Fairness for All Act is a good thing and it demonstrates to all the world how reasonable and rational Evangelicals can really be. He asks, “Do you want discrimination? Be careful what you hope for…” I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry reading an editorial as I was reading Moore’s.

As a result, the SBC, under the guidance and prompting of the ERLC, signed the document that supports the Fairness for All Act, joining with the Christian College Coalition, The National Association of Evangelicals, and of course the lovely group known as the Mormons. Badly done SBC. Badly done. You’ve just lied down with some very corrupt bedfellows. The document promises not to criticize or condemn people with same-sex attraction, or in same-sex relationships. The act codifies a radical gender ideology that is neither biblical nor pro-traditional family.

Let me insert here, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex) supports the Fairness Act. For him it is a necessary compromise. But please note, as much as I respect Cruz, he is a politician and there are times he must navigate compromises I could never accept with a clear conscience. For Cruz, the act gets the cake baking monkey off his back, but I have read it, re-read it, and can say with absolute certainty – THIS is a Trojan Horse. Remember, in politics, things often are NOT what they seem.

But back to Moore and the SBC’s new acceptance of the Fairness Act. No matter how winsome, inclusive, or understanding Russell Moore desires to present himself and his ERLC regime, the facts are, he is promoting the rights of people to embrace sin as normal and as a civil right. No matter how much Moore claims he holds a biblical conviction of these matters, he’s in bed with the funding from the far-left and supporters of the Fairness for All Act.

Russell Moore is the face of the enemy. Strong words? Perhaps. But the lethal poisoning of the Body of Christ is happening right before our very eyes. The SBC is the largest Protestant denomination in the world. What happens in the SBC eventually permeates all of evangelicalism worldwide. There’s a battle for our souls taking place here, and yet it seems that for most people who identify as Born-Again Christians, it ain’t that big o’ deal. But it is…

And down the slippery slope we slide. Randall Balmer, theologian and former Christianity Today editor writes, “The evangelical church’s ‘singular focus’ on same-sex marriage, LGBTQ+ relationships, and abortion is failing to engage younger generations. They are motivated by a broader set of issues. In terms of sexual orientation the younger generation just shrugs about things like that. We’ll realize, eventually, these issues just weren’t that important.” So, where am I going with all this? Once again policy and ideas have consequences…

John Ortberg (originally from Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek Church in Illinois) has pastored Menlo Park Church (a megachurch in California) since 2004. Ortberg has a son, Johnny, 30, that confessed to his Dad he had a “strong sexual attraction to children.” The confession was in 2018. Johnny’s job at the church? Volunteer worker with kids for the past 16 years.

Ortberg didn’t tell the elders; didn’t tell the staff; didn’t tell the congregation; didn’t tell anyone his son’s creepy little secret. He got his son into counseling and quietly allowed Johnny to continue working with the children of Menlo Church.

Now, how did all this get exposed?

John Ortberg’s daughter, Mallory, 32, found out about her brother’s problem, how her Dad didn’t do anything about it, and how no one launched an investigation to insure the safety of children in the church. So, she called them all out publicly and has cut off all association with the family.

Why is this odd? Because Mallory is now Daniel, a transgender male as of 2018, who married a transgender female (Joseph who is now Grace) and they are living the transgender dream in Berkeley as Mr (her) and Mrs (him) Daniel and Grace Lavery. Ortberg’s oldest daughter Laura Ortberg-Turner officiate the ceremony.

Menlo Park Church is one of the largest churches in America and was founded in 1873 as a Presbyterian Church. The current building cost over $12 million. Ortberg calls himself a conservative evangelical leader and yet…who helped Grace (Joseph) Lavery pick out his wedding dress? None other than gracious mother-in-law to be Nancy Ortberg – teaching pastor for the past eight years and current CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ–a nonprofit organization that seeks to help bring a holistic Gospel movement to the San Francisco Bay area.

THIS is what’s wrong with the Body of Christ in America. THIS is how we got to where we are today. THIS is why we should wail, weep, and gnash our teeth. A pastor of one of the largest churches in California, has been pastoring for over 25 years, raised three children: one who performed the transgender wedding, one a transgender, and the other a “virtuous pedophile.” What?!? Wait a minute…What did you just say?!? Yes, John Ortberg calls his son a “virtuous pedophile” because Johnny has never “acted on his desire.” Oh, okay.

And if you think this has nothing to do with you and your church, well, you’re sadly mistaken. It has everything to do with Christianity in America and in our world. Legislation like Fairness for All, opens wide the doors for Ortberg’s drama, Greg Johnson’s “I’m gay and pastoring,” JD Greear’s, “Let’s just love our LTBQ friends and family as they are…” and unsound doctrine of every kind. Socialism, neo-Marxism, Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ rights, and wait for it…pedophilia as just another sexual orientation.

My heart is breaking…THIS is where we are. 

In case you think I’m exaggerating: 


Mallory Ortberg (L) and Joseph Lavery (R) 



Being White Doesn’t Make Me Guilty of Racism by Dr. Daryl McCarthy

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At the start of the Civil War, my great-great-grandfather Callahan Creighton McCarthy left his home in Missouri, which was a slave state. Callahan enlisted in the Kansas Sixth Cavalry. For four long and horrific years he fought as a Union soldier in battle after battle, defending the right for all to be free. He risked his life for the freedom of slaves.

I’m proud of my great-great-grandfather. I’m glad he did this. But I don’t get any credit for his brave actions 159 years ago. Those were his actions, not mine. That was his decision, not mine.

The converse is also true. If my great-great-grandfather Callahan McCarthy had fought for the Confederate Army—as 40,000 other men in Missouri did—it wouldn’t make me guilty. If he had fought for slavery, that wouldn’t make me, Daryl McCarthy, a racist, or an oppressor of Blacks.

I neither gain merit from the good deeds of my ancestors nor am I guilty for the sins of my ancestors. None of us are.

Ezekiel 18:20, “The person who sins is the one who will die. The child will not be punished for the parent’s sins, and the parent will not be punished for the child’s sins. Righteous people will […] Continue Reading…

The #BLM Myths and Truth About Racism in America by Dr. Daryl McCarthy

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I know my friends and family members who rushed to endorse #blacklivesmatter and #blackouttuesday meant well. I think it’s perhaps their way of saying “We’re white, but we’re not racists.” But I have to ask them to please reconsider what they are actually endorsing. When it comes to #BLM and that entire movement, we must consider two very important things:

1). #blacklivesmatter is hypocritical; and more importantly, 2). #blacklivesmatter is actually a new radically insidious form of racism.

Let me explain.

First, #blacklivesmatter is hypocritical and is not really concerned about black lives at all. Here is how we know this:
• If #blacklivesmatter (BLM) really cared about Black lives, they would be protesting the thousands of murders of Black citizens each year by other Blacks. The leading cause of death among Black men in their 20s is assault by other African-Americans.

• If #blacklivesmatter really cared about Black lives, they would be crying out against the thousands of Black babies who are killed each year through abortion-on-demand. More Black babies are aborted per capita than any other racial group. (Remember, one of the primary goals of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, was to control the Black population’s numbers, because in her words, Blacks […] Continue Reading…

Politics and the Coronavirus

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In 1976, Dr. M. F. Weiner wrote an article for the Journal of Medical Economics entitled “Don’t Waste a Crisis.” What Weiner meant by this is that a medical crisis can be used to improve aspects of personality, mental health, or lifestyle. For example, your patient suffers a mild heart attack, use the crisis to get him on a healthier diet and exercise plan. Don’t play it down; use it for his good. But nowadays, this expression is applied to economic and political exploitation of a crisis to promote or advance manipulative agendas.


I think this is happening in our nation, and our world, with the coronavirus. Please know, I don’t think this virus is manmade; I’m not sure how it was loosed onto the world stage, but one thing I can speak definitively about is how it is being manipulated by the press and leftist political agents.

Yesterday, I received a message from Lenexa City Council where I live. It stated that absentee ballot applications will be sent to every person in our county. The message read,

“All Johnson County, KS, voters to receive vote-by-mail applications. Concerns about gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increased […] Continue Reading…

Stephen King or the KING of Kings? How Russell Moore Has Failed The Church Once Again

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I like Twitter. I don’t post much on Twitter, but I do use it for a news source. A few days ago, one of my acquaintances on Twitter posted the latest from Russell Moore on my timeline with the question, “Have you seen this?” I hadn’t because I don’t follow Russell Moore on Twitter.

You remember Russell Moore, right? He’s the head of the ERLC, the Southern Baptist’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. This is an organization started by Southern Baptists to protect religious freedom back in the 1940s. Today it has morphed into a left-wing, anti-Trump, all-things-social-justice propaganda machine. I blame Russell Moore for the really big changes, but it’s all the powers that be that stand complacently by and watch a good thing go terribly wrong.

I’ll admit, I’ve done more than my fair share of complaining about Russell Moore. I’ve done podcasts and blogs describing and listing his extreme anti-biblical speeches and op-eds. After three years of Southern Baptist membership, my husband Daryl and I had to leave the denomination because we just couldn’t justify SBC’s required 3% giving from each member church. I couldn’t continue in good conscience to give a single dime to support the ERLC […] Continue Reading…

The Leftist Veer of JD Greear: Moral Insanity in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

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I can’t know what’s in a man’s heart. Only God can. But I can know a lot about a man by the words of his mouth, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of,” (Luke 6:45).

I can also know a lot about a man by the fruit in his life – the causes he fights for, worldviews he promotes, and in the case of Christian leaders, sermons they preach, blogs they write, and events they participate in.

The Word tells us that we must be discerning. Colossians 2:8 says, “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.”

We are to be discerners and we’re to test the spirits, especially of those in leadership who are preaching and writing in the name of Christianity. The Bible makes it very clear that those who call themselves teachers and preachers are to be held to even a higher […] Continue Reading…

Marx: He’s Baaaack!

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Today, March 5, is Karl Marx’s birthday. He was born 202 years ago. Marx was evil. He created one of the most destructive and demonic ideologies in human history. Through communism and socialism (just look at Venezuela) Marxism is responsible for over 200 million deaths across time and continents.

Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Ze Deng, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Ho Chi Min–all imbibed Marx’s theory and destroyed their nations and human lives because of it. History proves that Marxism in practice simply doesn’t work, in fact, it only destroys.

Marxist-inspired communist regimes produced the greatest ideological carnage in human history, killing hundreds of millions of people–people made in God’s image. To say capitalism has a dark side, and that Marxism is its antidote is beyond my comprehension. Facts don’t back that up. Ever.

Capitalism has never left in its wake this kind of carnage or this kind of dictatorial insanity. While some Marxist apologists claim it is unfair to Marx to blame him for all of the death and destruction done in his name, reality tells us that the very seeds of tyranny were in Marx’s theory from the start and history proves this out. Marx is to blame. Marx is […] Continue Reading…

Dandelions Are Weeds, Aren’t They?

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You know, I always get a little nervous when I hear someone say, “The Lord told me this and that and such and such.”

I can’t resist saying, “Really? Did He call you on your cell?” I mean I wish it was that simple. I have never heard God’s voice. Not audibly anyway. And we’re human. We make mistakes. I know better than anyone how fallible human beings are. Hey, I am the worst case scenario. A pastor told me once, “When the Divine occurs there is always a little dirt mixed in.” In my case it is a whole lotta dirt!

So if the Lord doesn’t speak directly to me in an audible voice, or if He doesn’t send me a text message, then how do I know what His will is? Not just for my life, but for my daily operations? “Hey, God, whadaya want me to do today?” “What’s my assignment?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. The Bible tells us that God wants to communicate to His people: “My sheep hear My voice.” And believe me I am not from the dispensation that thinks God DOESN’T speak today. I believe. I do. No! I really DO believe God communicates […] Continue Reading…

Tim Keller’s Ungenerous Justice: Cultural Marxism and the New Branding of Liberation Theology

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I believe Tim Keller is a Democratic Socialist and a Cultural Marxist. But it doesn’t really matter what I think. Let’s take a look at what Tim Keller says and we can come to a conclusion based on Keller’s own words.

In 2018, Tim Keller tweeted, “Do I really need to defend that I’m not a Marxist? Definitely not one.” Then Keller pastes a quote from Reason for God, “The…departments were socially radicalized and were heavily influenced by the new-Marxist critical theory…The social activism was particularly attractive, and the critique of American bourgeoisie society was compelling, but its philosophical underpinnings were confusing to me. I seemed to see two camps before me and there was something radically wrong with both of them.”

The two camps Keller is referring to here are orthodox Christianity and the Frankfurt School.

In this quote, Keller says of these two camps, “…something was radically wrong with BOTH of them.”

Something was radically wrong with orthodox Christianity?

Interesting too that Keller says, “confusing” rather than evil. I read the same heady stuff in college and found the philosophical underpinnings evil, destructive, and immoral. Okay, my parents were Birchers, but still, I came to these conclusions on my own.

But most disappointing […] Continue Reading…

The Deadly Costs of Transgendersim

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Last year, the UK approved a list of 63 specific genders and distributed it to all public schools in Great Britain requiring educators to follow these guidelines. ABC, here in the US, argued there were really only 58 genders, and then finally conceded to the 63 under pressure from the five genders feeling they were being ignored and discriminated against.

Of the 63 genders, three kinds of people can have menstrual cycles: women, in the traditional sense, women who are transitioning into men, but still have their periods, and the third category – men transitioning into women who carry feminine hygiene products in their purses to pretend they are indeed menstruating. I hate to say this, but any man that wants to pretend he’s having a period is truly bonkers.

This is a social pathology. This is a lie. Science tells us there are only two genders and only one of those is able to have a menstrual cycle – by definition; by agreed upon terms; by what is true.

There’s a lot of chatter these days about transgenderism. This term describes a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with his/her birth sex. More explicitly – how […] Continue Reading…

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