When God’s Answer Is No

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Daryl and I listened to Eric Metaxas yesterday. He gave a message at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia, last week. Metaxas is always fun to listen to, though he has a tendency to go off on bunny trails. He’s a much better writer than speaker. In his message he reiterated Benjamin Franklin’s famous words, “It’s a Republic, madam, if you can keep it.” Franklin’s response is attributed to a question asked by a woman at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, as he left Independence Hall. Supposedly the woman asked Franklin, “Is this a democracy or a republic?”

Metaxas used the quote to explain that the United States will only remain a free country if we the people hold on to it and fight for it and maintain it. That once a self-governing people stop holding government accountable and rest on their laurels (my words, not his), a Republic is easily lost.

History has proven that lost freedoms are seldom regained. The United States was once a bellwether for the world—for all freedom-loving nations. And other nations knew that if the US failed, there’d be little hope for the rest. I believe that statement—as big and bold as it sounds.  I’ve heard national leaders around the globe declare these very words about America. I’ve heard Church leaders around the world pray for the US stating that if America falls, the remaining free nations will follow.

Metaxas encouraged the Church in America to fight for our nation, to get involved in politics, to stand against evil, and to do battle to keep this Republic. He used examples like Wilberforce’s fight against slavery and Bonhoeffer’s fight against Hitler, and Martin Luther’s fight against false doctrines in the Catholic Church. Metaxas asked, “Are you willing to die for this country?”

Fight. Stand. Hold on. Persevere.

His words would have inspired me before November 20, 2020. I would have been amening and shouting alongside his sermon, especially in the days leading up to our nation’s election. I was a part of the great prayer teams. Daryl and I never missed a prayer meeting where 14,000 to 15,000 men and women joined globally to pray for our nation and our election. We shouted, we cried out, we declared, we confessed, we professed, pled, and prayed with all of our hearts. We stood our ground in the only way we knew how. We heard leaders, both political and religious, around the globe praying for our nation, standing with us believing that God would defend the conservative movement and a socialist, liberal agenda would not prevail.

And here’s where it gets tough – and please know you don’t have to agree with me. I believe the US election of 2020 was taken hostage and that fraud corrupted the results. Yes. I do believe the election was stolen. Corruption on every level prevented the real winner from taking office in January of 2021. No one will ever convince me otherwise. But here’s the really tough part and the part that is probably the hardest to reconcile or make sense of: God allowed it.

God not only knew of the fraud beforehand, He also heard the cries and prayers of His people asking for Him to intervene and simply put, God said NO. And our nation is now ruled by a people who believe there are hundreds of genders, babies are not human beings, color of skin is more important than content of heart, freedom of thought must be corralled, freedom of speech must be controlled, and big government solves all of human problems.

God said NO, loud and clear and the corruption that took this nation’s election from us is now ruling us. As a result, conservative voices that dare to raise a banner against our new government are silenced. Metaxas YouTube channel, for example, is banned for life because he spoke words that were not supportive of our new system. Hundreds of conservative voices are silenced and censored on social media—if they don’t agree with you, you are out! If you have too much influence, you are out. If you don’t tout the party line, you are out. And we are seeing this again and again and again across our nation.

Is it hopeless? No. Because God knows the beginning from the end.

So what do followers of Jesus do when God says No?!? Well, I recommend we look at what He is saying YES to…

He’s saying YES to us being conformed into the image of His Son Jesus!

He’s saying YES to us being purified by fire and becoming His Bride (without spot or wrinkle).

He’s saying YES to witnessing and soul winning while this season lasts (it might just be the calm before the storm).

He’s saying YES to Bible study and memorizing the Word of God.

He’s saying YES to prayerfulness and to us praying for our enemies.

He’s saying YES to being filled with the Holy Spirit.

He’s saying YES to walking in close obedience to Him and His Word.

He’s saying YES to loving one another, loving our enemies, and declaring God’s love to the world.

He’s saying YES to preparing our children and grandchildren for the Second Coming of Christ (we don’t know when that will be, but each day we know we’re getting closer).

There are so many things that God has said YES to in our lives. For two thousand years nations have come and empires have gone and leaders have risen and fallen but one thing that has remained the same – Jesus is still the Savior of the Word; He’s still the Prince of Peace and the Only cure for what torments the human soul.

Let’s say YES to Jesus each day and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, direct us, and to lead us. Let’s pray, “THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Let’s say YES to honoring Christ in every word, thought, and deed. Let’s say YES to hope found in Christ and YES to His Joy which is always our strength.

Remember, “But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior. He will take our weak mortal bodies and change them into glorious bodies like his own, using the same power with which he will bring everything under his control,” (NLT, Philippians 3:20-21). I’m so thankful for God’s YES! Peace.

The Now and the Not Yet

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We live in the now and the not yet.

Now we do battle with the enemy of our souls and we fight against principalities and powers in high places, but one day the King of Kings will bind our enemy for eternity and the battle will be over – but not yet.

Now the innocent suffer and bad things happen to good people, but one day Jesus will establish His Kingdom forever and ever and all injustice, sorrow, pain, and suffering will end – but not yet.

Now we see through a glass darkly, but one day we will see Him face to face and all confusion, doubt, fear, and anxiety will vanish and Christ will reign supreme – but not yet.

One day God’s Will will be done on the whole earth and every captive will be set free, but until then we raise our weapons, which are not carnal, but are mighty to pulling down strongholds and we fight. We declare the Goodness of God and His Truth until Jesus Returns. This is the now and the not yet.

We declare to all humankind that Jesus is Lord and that He alone has the cure for what destroys the human soul; we […] Continue Reading…


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A friend of mine responded to a terrible national tragedy a few years ago, “Well! God is in control!” I’m never quite sure what to do with statements like that. They become clichés and in my opinion, they trivialize the trauma and suffering of others—as if God planned it or intended it to happen. Are those words to help the victims? I’m not sure they do.

I’m wondering if we as Christians have become fatalistic? Has our theology warped our perception of God and God’s perfect divine will? In fact, my friend’s response is actually more inline with Muslim theology than a biblical worldview of suffering.

Nations like the US and the UK were founded on biblical principles. Men, not all of whom had a profession Christ, understood the rule of law based on biblical precepts and the order of the universe put in place by God. These men wrote laws, rules for governing, and helped form a civil and just society. This is why historically, Christian nations have a clear course of action when wrong is committed – theft, rape, murder, and breech of contract. This rule by law and this type of justice system says that the human race […] Continue Reading…

Is Abraham Piper’s Sin Spectacular?

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John Piper’s son is making quite a stir these days. Abraham Piper has gone full-blown, hate-filled atheist and taken his anger and rage to social media. His TikTok posts last week were nothing short of sacrilege. He got 15 million views on his posts and has over three million followers. He’s outrageous – in the true sense of the word. He mocks Christianity–evangelicalism specifically.

I feel badly for John Piper. I’ve never had children, but I know what it’s like for a loved one to walk away from Christianity. It’s heartbreaking and there isn’t a word big enough to describe the grief. I don’t wish that on anyone. But if you’ve ever read my blogs, you know that I am not a fan of John Piper.

John Piper’s theology is not only dangerous, but grossly deformed. Unfortunately, he wields much influence over Christians today. I flinched recently when a youth pastor proclaimed his devotion and love for all things John Piper from the pulpit; another young church leader buying into Piperian theology. Not good.

What’s wrong with John Piper?

I first noticed a problem with Piper about 20 years ago when I read Let the Nations Be Glad (1999, Baker). There was an […] Continue Reading…

Celebrity Christianity Is Not Real Christianity

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In a March 3, 2021, interview with, (see link below), Tim Keller said, “I personally don’t think same-sex marriage is a good idea.”

Really? Not a good idea? Uh…How about it being sin?!? I think it’s always a bad idea to sin, but calling sin “not a good idea,” especially for a Bible teacher, well that’s just odd.

Keller goes on to say that Christians have been kicked out of government positions, university teaching jobs, and removed from any influence in the public square due to our own unkindness and brutal responses to the LGBTQ community. His words, “We brought it on ourselves.” He later says, “Why couldn’t we just love them the way Jesus did?”

Do evangelicals love the homosexual community? I think they do! Does Jesus love the homosexual community? Yes! Absolutely! He loves all of us just as He finds us, but He transforms us into new creatures who follow Him in obedience to His Word. And for evangelicals to speak out and say to the LGBTQ community, “This is wrong,” well, that’s still an act of love. In fact, warning a person of danger can be the greatest love—it’s life-saving love.

As to offending people, in Luke 11:45, […] Continue Reading…

The Tale of Two Pastors

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In the 1930s, China experienced a great outpouring of God’s Spirit. Often referred to as Asia Harvest or the Shantung Revival, thousands of Chinese gave their hearts to Christ and thousands of Believers were endowed with Holy Ghost power. It was a remarkable time to be serving as a missionary in China! Over 10,000 missionaries joined together across the nation in a concentrated and focused prayer time asking God to bring the Chinese to Jesus. And God answered their prayers. But for some missionaries, it wasn’t exactly what they expected. Church groups were divided on the manifestation of the Holy Spirit—some Western missionary leaders did not believe in the Gifts of the Spirit—especially speaking in tongues. Yet others preached strongly not to quench the Spirit and to let God move as He wished. So, groups were split, young converts confused, and missionary leaders had to decide which camp they fell in. Some went with the Gifts of the Spirit and some did not.


In this mix, was an American eye-surgeon named Dr. R.G. Fitz. He was called by God to be a missionary to China at the age of eight. He worked his way through college and after finishing medical […] Continue Reading…

On The Other Hand with Jamie – A Response to Nice Is Not A Virtue

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If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I’ve invited Jamie McCarthy to do a counterpoint to my posts – to give readers a different perspective and to illustrate that we don’t have to think exactly alike to love one another and to enjoy each other. Today’s post you’ll see why I asked Jamie to do this. You’re going to love her post! I certainly do! Great job Jamie!
After reading your article about Gladys Aylward I think my counterpoint question boils down to one.

Should Gladys have responded differently when Ingrid Bergman was so compelled by her life story that she asked to meet her?

 I think Gladys was a very powerful instrument in the kingdom of God. Knowing what we know about her she seems like a woman who had extremely strong convictions and faith.

On some level I can understand why this type of person is compelling. There is something beautiful and challenging about someone who is so deeply convicted they let their faith dictate every decision of their life. That is beautiful. However, my experience with people who are never in doubt about what they think, feel, or believe is that they carry a great deal of that […] Continue Reading…

Nice Is Not a Virtue

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My friend, Dr. Thane Hutcherson Ury, posted a meme recently on Facebook. The words caught me off guard, like when you know what someone is going to say and you are about to finish their sentence, and then at the very end they surprise you and suddenly you realize you had no idea where they were going.


His meme was like that for me.


He quotes Charles Spurgeon, “Discernment is not simply a matter of telling the difference between what is right and wrong; rather it is the difference between right and almost right.” BOOM! And there it is.


“There is a way that seems right…” Proverbs 14:12.


In my opinion, I think that’s what the Church is lacking today—the ability to discern good from better.


In my last post, I share Dr. Ury’s piece on Gladys Aylward. She was a close personal friend of his family. The Ury family served in Taiwan where Gladys moved after the communist took over mainland China. Many Chinese and missionaries fled to the small island to escape the violent communist regime.


From her story, we can see a strong, determined, principled woman. She was a giant of the faith, though small in stature. Dr. Ury describes her, “4’10” […] Continue Reading…

Introducing Point/Counter Point

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I’d like to introduce Jamie McCarthy. Yes. We are related. Jamie, as a wife, full-time working mother of three and a medical professional, brings a unique perspective to the world around her and the community in which she lives. Jamie is a follower of Jesus. She’s also a millennial, though no label is sufficient to describe her. I’ve invited Jamie to participate in my blogs as a kind of “counter point” perspective. She’s graciously agreed to do so – and let me give you a heads up – that might be the only thing you’ll see us agree on. (That’s tongue-in-cheek of course). Jamie and I wanted to let readers see that people in the Body of Christ, people in the same families, people coming from different backgrounds can see the world differently and that’s okay. Hopefully, prayerfully, Jamie and I will live out the idea that Christians can truly disagree agreeably.

Jamie’s first “Counter Point” perspective is on my Super Bowl post from February 3, 2021. Here’s a link:

I like the way Jamie said, “Some of your readers might have questions and are too afraid of you to ask.” Thanks Jamie, for being a voice for them.

ON THE OTHERHAND […] Continue Reading…

The Small Woman

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She was 4’10” on the outside, but 9’7” and 375 pounds of raging obedience on the inside!
by Thane Hutcherson Ury, PhD

Most missionaries must endure demanding training, be backed by a bona fide mission agency, and do rigorous fund-raising before going to the mission field. For many, this means years of preparation, and also (sadly) the winnowing by which some never make it to the field.


But Lady Aylward broke the mold. China Inland Mission rejected her. Surprising, since CIM was long-known for seeing hidden potential in candidates that other agencies missed. It’s hard to imagine someone saying to Gladys, “We don’t believe you are capable of learning Chinese. We’re so sorry.” But in typical Gladys fashion, she not only learned to speak Mandarin, but learned to read and write the difficult language as well.


The way I see it, she was 4’10” on the outside, but 9’7”, 375 pounds of outrageous potential on the inside!


Another missions expert looked Gladys in the eye, and said she was unqualified and had “no specific abilities to commend her for missionary work.” But through perseverance and pursuit of an opening, Jeannie Lawson gave the small woman a chance and told Gladys, “We can use you in China…if you can […] Continue Reading…

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